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  • Vanilla

    25 8.36%
  • Burning Crusade

    34 11.37%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    178 59.53%
  • Cataclysm

    22 7.36%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    40 13.38%
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    Your favorite WoW expansion cinematic?

    Sorry if such a thread exists or not but I couldn't find recently but the question is, what is your favorite WoW expansion cinematic and why? (I'm gonna include vanilla since some might actually like the original game's cinematic). Mine would honestly be WotLK's cinematic due to seeing arthas after playing wc3 and him raising the badass dragon it just really felt awesome for me and how blizz made it was well done. So what's yours? 2nd best for me would actually be cataclysm due to the scenery and destruction of azeroth
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    Wrath. Its a work of art, and the best establisment of character for any lore figure.


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    Wrath > MoP > Cataclysm > Burning Crusade > Vanilla.
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    Also Wrath of the Lich King for me. The moment you see Arthas on that throne... its also just where The Frozen Throne left off, zooming out while he's sitting there. And then hearing Terenas's voice... you know an epic dialogue was coming. The music was also beautifull and really fitted in.

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    Wrath > MoP > Vanilla > TBC > Cata imo.

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    Tough choice, really tough. I'm going to have to go with a 3 way tie with Wrath, Cata, and MoP. The first 2 were nice but all they really did was show off races.

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    I liked Wrath's cinematic, but I felt like Mists was more exciting. $0.02

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    I have to say I loved the Mist's cinematic the most. The expression animation the Blizzard cinematics team pulled off were insane. Wrath is a very, very close second. Unfortunately, the MoP cinematic is one of the few things I liked about the whole expansion.

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    Honestly it might be a mid-expansion cinematic like BT or ZA.
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    I liked the Mist's cinematic, but I just feel like the Cataclysm one had a more epic feeling to it. Probably just because it had a sense of danger in it.

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    Wrath was the most special to me, as for the list: Wrath > MoP > Cata > BC > Vanilla.
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    TBC and WOTLK here. The original back in the day was awesome. TBC made people want to play Draenei Paladins. It had a lot of power and awesome behind it at the time. WOTLK was just awesome with the narration, the lore, and what we all knew must be done. MoP started off really cool with the fighting between the two factions, but when the line "why do we fight" hits the trailer goes to total crap.

    Cata was just terrible in my eyes. Cata cinematic was 50% of just DW breaking free from the ground and the other 50% was the destruction of everything that once made Warcraft cool.
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    By cinematics OP means in-game cinematic which you can see on start? As there is more than that. Personally, I liked Black Temple cinematic. However I am not sure you can watch it from inside the game.

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    Wrath by a long shot, Ive played WC 1, 2, 3 And wow from Beginning of TBC, but no Story in wow have catched me as much as Arthas story

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    I went with The Burning Crusade, which is kind of funny as it was an expansion I didn't enjoy as much as others.

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    Vanilla > MoP > TBC > Wrath. These were all good but that would be the general order. Cata, now ignoring the impressive technical aspect of it, was both boring and stupid, setting the exact same sort of cartoony Saturday morning show that the whole lore of that expansion presented us with.
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    Wrath was amazing.
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    WOTLK aggresive how i like it

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    i like all of them but my favorite would be the Cinematic for Mists of Pandaria.

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