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  • Vanilla

    25 8.36%
  • Burning Crusade

    34 11.37%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    178 59.53%
  • Cataclysm

    22 7.36%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    40 13.38%
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    Yeah Wrath's was probably the coolest. "And I know you will show restraint when exercising your great power". But they're all good really.

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    Wrath was my favorite and I'm not even an Arthas fanpony. Though the Vanilla and BC not to race/classes was very appealing and felt well placed as a dive into the world without saying 'this is what you fight in this game' MoP was my least favorite, the orc/human team up made little to no sense. Cata had some nice moments but I think if they showed Bronzebeard turning into crystal and a few other world happenings besides floods and big dragon it could have been better.

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    Wrath by far, its not my favorite cinematic so to speak. But the music sealed it for me. So beautiful.

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    Wrath >>> BC > Vanilla >>> Cata >>> MoP for me.
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    Wrath for me. Irony between what Terenas say in cinematic and what Arthas do/what he become is piece of art for me.

    P.S Also music is great. That motive from warcraft 3 (where women sing) is genius.

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    Wrath had the best narration and just felt amazing. I love all of Blizz's cinematics, even outside of WoW, but Wrath is the best! It also has the best music to go with it.

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    I like the style of Vanilla and BC the most, and they're both pretty similar so I'll go with them.

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    The introduction to the World of Warcraft is something that'll linger with me for a very long time.
    From the Night Elf running through the woods, turning panther mid leap to the dwarf walking through the snow with his bear, it made a major impact on me at the time.

    I can understand why the WOTLK cinematic is leading though, it truely was a work of art.

    MoP was my least faverite though, it had a great beginning but there was no sense of danger or a strong coolness factor for me midway till the end. Sure the graphics are great but that's not enough for me. Hell it failed to sell the expansion to me completly, it was the only one I didn't buy untill months after release.

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    Wrath, easy. I loved them all though. Blizzard doesn't fuck around when it comes to cinematics.

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    All of them are good but I prefer TBC and Vanilla for showing off the races of each faction and doing what they like to do (kill each other/murlocs). I would have loved to see in Cata the Worgen in combat, but nope. Still, all of them are good. Wrath is the best designed, Cataclysm shows off HD WoW and is wonderful to see, but TBC and Vanilla are my favourites. Seeing the Undead Warlock with his Infernal, the Human Mage polymorphing the Tauren, things I won't forget

    Edit: Just watched them all again, someone change my vote to Wrath xD
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    Definitely Wrath's. Still gives me chills.
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    Wrath, closely followed by BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchanted View Post
    Sorry if such a thread exists or not but I couldn't find recently but the question is, what is your favorite WoW expansion cinematic and why? (I'm gonna include vanilla since some might actually like the original game's cinematic). Mine would honestly be WotLK's cinematic due to seeing arthas after playing wc3 and him raising the badass dragon it just really felt awesome for me and how blizz made it was well done. So what's yours? 2nd best for me would actually be cataclysm due to the scenery and destruction of azeroth
    Vanilla - Wrath - MoP - TBC. ---------------- Cata

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    Wrath. Its a work of art, and the best establisment of character for any lore figure.
    Agree 100
    It shows war without showing war. Amazing.
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    Wrath's cinematic was the best IMO, but I also liked the cheesy lines of the Burning Crusade cinematic.

    There was also the trailer that came with War3 RoC which was a nice surprise. I had already heard of WoW at the time, but as far as I know, very little had been revealed and I thought it was going to be more like Diablo.
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    Wrath by miles. I get dem chiles when I watch.

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    All the trailers are amazing, I like to Watch them now and them, but the Lich King is so epic, it really is a great introduction to a great story and for me to the best extension yet.

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    The Lich King cinematic is just awesome! It really got me pumped when I watched it. So epic.

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    IMO Wrath>MOP>Cata>Vanilla>BC

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    Mists, followed by Cataclysm(Deathwing was awesome in the cinematic, not so much in the game), from there it's a toss-up between BC and Wrath(the Wrath one was cute but to me it felt forced and cheesy, not ominous or foreboding)and Vanilla in last place.

    As far as patch trailers, my favorite is Gods of Zul'Aman, followed by Black Temple, with the fan-dubbed Dragon Soul right after.

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