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    Quote Originally Posted by Malenurse View Post
    Big fan of his music! The vanilla wow tunes especially hold some nice memories! Can I seriously ask what is your problem? You are going to every thread just bitching to people.
    I was simply asking a question. I was interested in your 'hype' for that guy, not bitching in the slightest.

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    Hmmmm, GoodMourning_Hero?

    Doesn't sound like something that would play for an orc dying...

    Unless that was just a typo in the video? Because the title of the video says GoodMorning_Hero, which doesn't quite make sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManOluck View Post
    Nope. Sounds extremely Generic ... This is nothing compared to Matt Uelmans work in TBC.
    Yes, of course.
    The expansion with 20 remixes of the same blood elf song.

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    The voiceover on ShaAmbiant is really amazing.

    There are twice the same video btw.

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