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    what to do when I reach 80?

    So, I started playing GW2 about 12days ago. Currently I have a 78 mesmer, probably going to be 80 to the weekend. and to be honest, I have no idea what to expect.

    I know I got plenty of zones to explore, personal storyline which I haven't done much. Before you comment on the storyline, the reason I haven't done much of it is because I want to just set off a day in a weekend and do it all and really get into it, instead of having long breaks and almost forgetting what happened. Also, I'm currently doing some bosses in different zones, dragon events, going to start with temple as well pretty soon.

    basically, what to do in level 80 if you eliminate the things I have allready said?

    EDIT: Noticed there was a similar post, so I just looked into that one So just ignore this post.
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