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    Need help for our Resto shaman - if he is doing something wrong :S

    As the titel says, or rather I think we need help. As of right now we're going 2 healers in ToT, even in HC progression (due to missing of healer). Anyway, I don't feel like the shaman healer preform as well as he should with his gear. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Mcbai/advanced , this is his shaman, so if anyone could see if he is gemming / enchanting / spec / what ever wrong, and got a better tip, or just something that might improve his healing.

    This is only if there is anything he can do better, ofc we're only humans, but I would like to know if it's just resto shamans whom is weak in 10 man or it's just monk OP. http://worldoflogs.com/reports/uafod...d/?s=161&e=515 this is WoL of one of our raid days. If you can spot anything he could optimize that would be awesome

    Thanks in advance
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    Just from that log you linked healing looks average for shamans in 5.2, Maybe a bit on the low side but nothing huge from first look on HPS.

    Armory: Get the 7613 haste cap with Ancestral swiftness (which he has already), Nothing else looks super weird. No meta, cloak is a pretty huge loss

    Megaera 5:53 long fight and only 1 HTT/1 ascendance should be able to get 2 of each or swap to AG for this fight. Just because of how the timing works out. Each rampage you reaaallly need a cooldown and how big or long the cd is does not really matter just something to help healing so AG will be sufficient. Ancestral Guidance also have 2 min cd so you can get 3x in on that fight.

    More in depth you can check out http://lifeingroup5.com/?p=3508 for WoL queries

    Only 9x HST drops on a 5:30 long fight so he missed out on 3x HSTs. Megaera is a bad fight though because you can sometimes delay HST with rampage to get the 10% damage reduction out on people before a rampage to ease the raid damage

    Looks like me fucked up a few UL+HR combos, Maybe tell him to get a weakaura for him to help with Unleash life and Healing rain or tell him to never ever cast Healing rain without having the UL buff. Even with the 2-3 sec downtime between the 15 and 10 sec cd its never worth casting a unbuffed HR over a UL buffed HR.

    There is a few more things you can do but that's that two most important things (HST/UL+HR)

    One big thing I just noticed is that he is using the riptide glyph on like every fight. Riptide glyph is almost never worth it and unless you have very good gear just stay away from it, You wont be able to support the mana cost. (If you have the LMG and just mostly use riptide during LMG procs you might get away with it on spread fights but otherwise the 90% reduction on the direct hit is just way to big to sacrifice.)

    Just tell him to get rid of Glyph of riptide and probably pick up the chaining glyph and use CH on CD and you will see a big differenc in HPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niuxe View Post
    if it's just resto shamans whom is weak in 10 man or it's just monk OP.
    All things being equal, a monk will heal for more in 10man, but there are some very easy things to fix, even without looking at logs. 1) enchant his gloves, 2) reforge to a haste breakpoint. Right now he's sitting 80 haste rating UNDER the 25% riptide breakpoint (assuming you have spell haste in your 10man group). Would recommend bumping that to 5676 or preferably 7613. I'd also drop some spirit for crit and suggest the Totemic Recall glyph in place of SWG, but that is a bit more involved than the first 2 things.

    Now, just looking at the Meg kill, more obvious things...

    - Earth shield uptime is 12%, 11 heals from it. He cast it once and only once. Make sure he uses an add-on (ShieldsUp is good) or a WeakAura to remind him to always have it up.

    - He used HTT & Ascendance once each on a 6 minute fight. Not sure how you guys schedule your c/ds, but regardless he could have got 2 uses out of atleast one of those. Same for his Shado-Pan trinket, 3 min c/d and he got one use. Might not have seem needed early on, but better to hit that at say the 2 & 5 minute marks instead of once at 3:30 into the fight. Same with HST, although he was a bit better there. Just need to get him on the ball more about using things on c/d.

    - INT flask instead of spirit flask will help a lot, 15k base + spirit flask seems overkill when healing with a monk in 10man. But I heal in 25s so I could be talking out of my ass, lol.

    - Try to convince him to replace RT glyph. Unless he really loves it, there are much better things to fill in there.
    Didn't look in-depth at logs, jsut pointing out the obvious things. Hope it helped!

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    Alright. I'm not super great with looking over healing logs, so I'll just comment on their armory.

    • For green gems, he's going spirit mastery. I know that a lot of places tell you to stack mastery, especially in 10M and if you aren't healing with a Disc Priest. I recommend switching from spirit mastery to spirit crit. Every time you get a crit, you get mana returned due to resurgence. So if you're in a bad spot, you can use Healing Surge and not completely OOM, because you'll get part of the mana returned. I have to use Healing Surge quite a bit in 10M. Maybe not so much because your other healer is a monk (our 10M heroic group has a monk, he parses a crap ton, they're great). I like crit a lot more over haste.
    • His gloves are missing an enchant. I would go haste, not mastery.
    • In prismatic sockets, he's putting in pure spirit gems. Shamans have really good mana regen if you play it right. I would put in int spirit gems for prismatic sockets.
    • Get rid of glyph of riptide. I bolded that. It's bad. It is really mana expensive and if you're trying to blanket the raid like a Resto Druid would with Rejuve, you're going to OOM in the first couple minutes. Not to mention it doesn't heal for nearly as much as Rejuve does. Keep Riptide rolling on the tanks, or use it to cap someone's health (if they're at like 80% or so, because it gives a small instant heal and it's a HOT).
    • Get the Glyph of Totemic Recall. Every time he places Healing Stream Totem, at the last second or two (16-17 seconds left on the cooldown), hit Totemic Recall. You instantly get the full cost of the totem back (about 5%). It is more more mana efficient compared to Telluric Currents (which I would glyph out of).
    • Glyph of Spiritwalkers Grace is alright. I prefer Glyph of Healing Wave in most situations. Sometimes I use Glyph of Fire Elemental (usually only on Megeara, so I can have 10% buffed healing on 3 rampages).
    • Reforge stats should go somewhat like this: Spirit > Haste 7613 > Crit > Haste > Mastery. Even if you reforge out of Mastery, you'll still have around 50%, which is around the most you should have anyways because it starts to become useless. I cap my Spirit at around 11k. I'm comfortable with my mana. I don't use a Spirit flask either. the only fight that is hard on mana for me is Megeara, and that is because Water Shield is bugged and doesn't work on that fight. When they get the legendary meta gem, your spirit could probably go as low as 9K (as long as you are using Glyph of Totemic Recall correctly).

    Good luck. I know Shaman healing differs from person to person in 10M. I heal our ALT raid with another Resto Shaman. It's not the best strat, but we both managed to parse on Iron Qon last week. I do the build above and the other Shaman goes full haste + telluric currents + unleashed fury. Some fights he beats me, and some fights I beat him. It's all up to preference though. 10M Shaman healing is sketchy, because there's no set build really. Anyways, hope I could help.

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    I'd like to weigh in here quickly. While what the above people have said is true, I would like to just say that the Glyph of Riptide is something I use on most fights. I raid 10 man Hard modes. I find not only does it feel better to have it glyphed, but it's quite useful for keeping Tidal Waves stacked for instant use with the Legendary Meta procs (Which i highly recommend getting asap) and making sure both the tanks and melee keep AV up on them. I also use Riptide as a Healing Wave replacement for superior mobility (which most fights require). The downsides do exist, my gear has the regen to support high Riptide use(I find I do more healing with Riptide glyph than without) but I just prefer the playstyle, and it will not make or break you. I know I can't spend my mana fast enough on most fights (I have somewhere around 14-15k mp5 plus the meta)

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    THanks all of you. I'll talk to him about the stuff you said. I don't know much about it so I have to ask help elsewhere Thanks alot hopefuly his healing will also grow with the patch changes
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    While there's certainly tons of micro-management stuff you can do to improve his healing, another thing to consider is that his healing isn't -that- low, and that lack of healing done is only really a problem when people are actually dying because of the lack there-of. Shaman healers provide a number of very important buffs and healing mechanics that makes your life as a raider a lot easier, but the raw healing done shouldn't be the first or the final thing you look at when judging the quality of a healer. Things you could consider, or atleast make him consider, is how he's pushing his buttons given different situations, how he prepares for when shit hits the fan, and how well he handles encounter mechanics without making his output suffer too much.

    And then there's also how players playing a specific role tends to become better and more efficient at them as they spend more time doing it, so giving him time can also be worth it.

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    Hey guys, officer of the guild with the Shaman in question here.
    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping out this much. He's very happy about getting this help.
    Ransalad, all you've said is true, but this is actually a problem now because heroic progression sometimes kills us just to AoE damage (Jin'rokh) with no players taking any unnecessary damage. We also have no intention of replacing him just because his healing isn't 100% optimal, because we agree with you about him being kinda new and needing to get used to all the healing button pressing.
    While this post appears to be written in frickin' sanskrit, I'll try to make a sensible response.

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