Howdy fellow priests,

I'm looking to make an iconic Vanilla "Clown Suit" transmog and I need your help. I didn't start playing WoW until 2.3 so my knowledge of Vanilla end-game is limited to patchwork of second-hand information and I'm sure plenty of you were around in those days. I'm not looking to transmog a complete tier set, but rather a collection of iconic non-set items (such as the Onyxia Scale Cloak) that may have been worn by someone who raided, but wasn't in a bleeding-edge progression guild. In general, if you can remember busting your butt to get a specific piece of gear you felt at the time was essential, I want to know what it was. Also I ask that you omit items that are no longer attainable (such as Benediction)

Head -
Shoulders -
Cloak -
Chest -
Wrists -
Hands -
Waist -
Legs (sure why not) -
Feet -
MH + OH -
2H -

Thanks for your help!