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    Please convince me to play Gw2 again

    I was a beta tester for Gw2 (like most of you other were aswell I guess). I played it constantly until level 70. Then I was tired, I did not see the point to reach max cap because I did not know what to do at level 80.

    Yes, I know that Guild Wars 2 isnt an "endgame" game if you get what I mean. BUt what is there truely to do at level 80? Dont get me wrong, I really want to start this game with my level 73 Thief, but I cant find the motivation..
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    There have been a few threads of what to do at level 80, you can start about reading those.
    If they won't (or haven't in case you already read them) convince you, nothing we will say will. In the end it's your choice, if you say you really want to play, you will. If you just think you want to play but don't really want to... you won't. Simple as that.

    Why should we convince you to play the game after you played it and felt bored of it? It might not be the game for you. If it is... you can simply reinstall it and try it out again and see if you like it more now.

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    Yea this is not really a productive thread because liking something or being interested in something is completely a subjective thing. If you are wondering what there is to do right now in game there are threads about the various content patches they have been putting in to give you an idea of what is current. But in the end playing or not is your own choice.

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