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    Easiest/most faceroll class/spec in pve (dps)

    Not sure if a thread like this has been created already but I'm kinda curious about what other people think about this.
    So, to you, from your own experience or not, what are the classes/specs that can pull higher numbers without even trying?

    By pulling higher numbers without even trying, I mean messing up the rotation, low buff/debuff uptime, bad cd usage, etc.
    Don't really want any discussions, just personal opinions.

    For me it's probably elemental shaman or destro lock.

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    ele shaman hands down

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    every class is faceroll.. some get a bit "harder" because of procs but thats it

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    From what i've played.. hmm. Probably Destro lock or Ele shaman as well.

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    Hunter, every spec

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    Blood Death Knight.

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    I don't know why, but shadow priests seem so bland to me, plus hardly any cooldowns and strategies within Shadow. Elemental shaman seems like destro warlock in faceroll.

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    Retri Pala seems pretty faceroll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grab View Post
    Hunter, every spec
    Might want to pick a class that is actually doing high numbers bud.

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    Warlocks because they're so overtuned at the moment that you can pull decent numbers without playing correctly.

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    Nobody has said arcane mage yet? I'm shocked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Nobody has said arcane mage yet? I'm shocked.

    Lol your picture. And it still feels the same!

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    Nobody has said arcane mage yet? I'm shocked.

    They're not as bad as they used to be. They've almost got as many buttons in their rotation as a Boomkin now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripslyme View Post
    every class is faceroll.. some get a bit "harder" because of procs but thats it
    Feral druid is most defiantly not face roll.

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    10 char

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    Probably rogue, 80% of your damage is automated.

    You can even play at 500ms and still perform at 95% effectiveness, no other class can do that.

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    I think you guys are misunderstanding what faceroll means. I don't consider locks to be faceroll since they're hard to play at skill cap.

    Easiest skill cap would likely be frost mage or Shadow Priest since they don't really have any particular raid cooldowns and their rotations are very simple. Alter time may complicate things, but AT on frost mages are 100 times simpler than fire at least.

    Elemental shamans are pretty easy aswell, but they have a lot more micro management than spriests and fmages.

    Sure, Arcane mages are easy to play at 95%, but those last 5% are a lot harder with Arcane mages than priests/frost mages/ele shamans due to the way mastery works now.

    Hunters have way too many useful abilities that you need to know how to use properly for them to be faceroll. If you only count the damage part, then yes, Survival/MM hunters are probably among the top 10 easiest specs to play.

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    Probably Assassination rogue. min/maxing the spec can be somewhat challenging, at times, but the basics are like 4 buttons outside of CDs :P

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    Might be ele shaman but I'm thinking fire mage. Or any mage for that matter.

    Also, Ass rogue is very straightforward if you like melee for some stupid reason.

    The easiest ranged class to play is certainly whatever your favorite flavor of huntard is.

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    Ele shaman is pretty easy (Lol @ ours aoe), though mastering rotation requires some time (mostly to correctly use shocks+Lava Surge proccs)

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