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    Balance druid Garrosh help.

    Here are the logs for our best attempt Garrosh phase 3. 2% wipe I am writing this post because I have not played a balance druid since Wrath so I do not know much about them anymore, and so my question is to please tell me how our Balance druid can improve.


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    That's a high movement fight, and unless your druid is padding, you really are only damaging 1-2 targets at a time a majority of the time. Tank+Warlock aoe should be plenty for the adds, the Ironstars do the rest.

    Have him try out HotW+FoN and focus solely on Garrosh and weapon damage. He should not be at the bottom for Garrosh damage, and there should not be a huge disparity between him and your warlock on weapon damage. Tell him not to Hurricane and NEVER use Astral Storm!

    There's breaks in that fight, but dot up time is low too. If you look at the graph for the uptime, his dots should be solid between the breaks in that fight; they're not.

    His gear isn't amazing either. His trinkets are not very good, and he only has 1 2-piece bonus right now.

    If he doesn't improve a whole lot, just have him solo the engineers instead of your hunter. I'm pretty sure there's pet despawning issues with those anyway.

    Why doesn't he have 4 piece t15?
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    Thanks for the help he dropped his 4 piece, but I think he is putting it back on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Useds View Post
    Thanks for the help he dropped his 4 piece, but I think he is putting it back on
    He'd have to have 2p/2p to drop his t15 4 piece.

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    To put it simply he just isn't doing anything right. It just looks like he doesn't know how to play his class and this is consistent on every log I looked at, not just Garrosh. Tell him to learn his class properly or face the consequences.

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