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    New Trinket Question

    Hey all,

    Right quick, I have the 535 Yu'lon trink, 532 Cha Ye's, and 536 Purified Bindings of Immerseus. Just curious what you all think I should pair together on my Boomie. Thanks for any help.

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    Definitely bindings, not sure which off trinket, though I'm guessing synergy with cha-ye is slightly better, but that is a guess.

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    You should run it through wrathcalcs to be sure, however bindings 100% - the difference in dps between the other 2 is going to be fairly small, personally I would stay with Cha's.



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    I agree with all of the above. Bindings + Cha-ye's
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    Unless you're extremely over the spell hit cap I'd stick with the ToT trinket + Immerseus trinket

    Edit: Thinking of Council trinket, Cha Ye + Immerseus hands down.

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