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    Nike+ Running app


    A couple friends and myself have been training for a half marathon for the last month or so and I just recently switched over from RunKeeper to the Nike+ Running app. The main reason for this new thread is to see if anyone wants to become my "friend" on the app for some added motivation. I like to be able to see and compare runs between myself and the people I'm training with, but not all of them use this app and RunKeeper does't allow that kind of stuff.

    I'm getting out of the Marine Corps in a couple of months so I'm finished taking all of my physical fitness tests which means I won't be running my ass off, just a light pace for decent distances.

    So, if you like running or you think you want to start running some more and need a little motivation, you can search for Patrick O'Neill on the Nike+ Running app and add me, I'll accept everybody. My avatar is me in a grey t-shirt. Thanks for your time and good luck with all of your goals!

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    I might be wrong, but I'd guess that you'd more easily build a fitness based social media group with Strava than with Nike+. At least where I live, Strava's by far the most used fitness media.

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    I use Strava for cycling. Haven't done that in a while though because I have my daughter for the summer. I normally cycle M-F depending on weather to and from work which equals to about 22 miles of cycling. Since we're doing the half marathon though I've been using the Nike+ app for running!

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    I was planning for the marathon this year but could not start my practice due to some reasons. Hope I do it next time.

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