First off; have 8 GB RAM, using latest java (64 bit).

Running the server with 3 GB allocated and the client with 1 GB allocated.

Now, I understand that with 1 GB and the BDCraft texture pack combo, I'm starting out borderline and I can understand why it will eventually run into issues.

Sometimes I get a time out error.

But if I set the combined allocated memory to anything higher, I usually get the client failing from not enough system memory (say I keep the server at 3 GB and put the client at 2 GB).

If I play for a while and the client doesn't crash; I can still get a low system memory notification.

This happens when not running anything else; at most I'll have Hamachi running. My wife and I are the only ones playing, though we have a friend that might play with us if they get the time. I don't run any browsers.

I check task managers, all users; and the only thing above about 70k usage is the client and server ... (maybe 1GB total if I were to estimate on the high side).

I initially planned on setting server to 4 GB and client to 2 GB leaving 2 GB for system and background processes; but this doesn't seem to work at all. I wanted to set the server high for all the pipes, machines, chests, etc. that my wife likes to go crazy with at times. I wanted to give myself a bit of room with having the texture pack, though I think 1.5 GB would most likely be enough.

Is there anything I can do to utilize more memory? It seems odd that I'm running into issues approaching 4 GB (combined) allocated to the two java processes.

Is part of my problem having xms and xmx both at 3G? If I set xms to 2G and xmx to 4G, should that solve most of the issues?

I did try to do a search, but it seems all the results I would get just linked to setting up the bat file to increase memory; not a problem with not being able to use available system memory.

The server isn't crashing, the client is. Haven't had any lag on the server, been really smooth. The only thing I found was an artificial (invisible) wall in the nether (which could be normal because I've never explored the nether -that- much before).

Thank you for any help or guidance towards a place for help. My patience is wearing thin.

We like using Tekkit Classic because of things like RedPower, Energy Condenser, and other things that seem to not be updated as much; or because of things that are in it, that seem to be removed in later iterations. Testing out every mod out there to get some semblance of what we enjoy in Tekkit Classic (and finding new stuff we may love), is a bit of an undertaking; and I plan to wait for the 1.6 updates to settle down a bit. I'd also like to wait a bit for more resource pack availability, especially for the mods (like I am accustomed with the BDCraft and its mod skins); GrungeCraft looks really good