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    Something that came to mind when i read The Dark Below was Karazhan - We know how Bliz love to use old locations as new content and this location could fit in with some people expectations of a legion involvement. We know that Kara had ties to the Legion in the past with Medivh and Sargeras, Blizz could also use it as a reason to finally explain why Malchezaar was there.

    Quote from wowpedia
    Archmage Alvareux wrote a treatise, proposing the existence of an exact copy of Karazhan in a world other than Azeroth and that both somehow share the same space, which might be a reference to lower Karazhan.

    Obviously this is a stretch of the imagination but thought i would chuck it out there. If the above quote is correct then we could be looking at traveling to a paralell Azeroth - That obviously opens up a lot of content.

    But what if we stretch The Dark Below a little further it could relate to the Great Dark Beyond which has ties to the twisting nether and again more demons ^.^

    But as i said above im stretching things for the sake of fun. It is more likely to link in to Azshara due to Ozumat in-game tag.

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    World of Warcraft - Old Gods imo. They keep going back to and hinting at the titans, and the "other" old gods, and Sylvannas has things under the Undercity, so I say WoW.

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    Ozumat from Throne of tides is called : Ozumat fiend from the dark below
    so i bet on WoW

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    Yeah diablo 3 expa!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbasp05 View Post
    Ozumat from Throne of tides is called : Ozumat fiend from the dark below
    so i bet on WoW
    This, and I do believe the next xpac to be in the underworld, be it water or earth. I am actually looking forward to it if that is the case.

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    It will be interesting what they reveal at Blizzcon 2013. Teaser Trailer to keep us going until the first of the year? I will fall back to my old saying,
    "Ooh Ooh; what kinda new beast will they allow Hunters to tame?"
    Of course, that said, "The Dark Below" I am thinking Azshara, in my humble opinion. And if that's the case, maybe this will bring my wife back into playing wow, IF blizzard make Naga a play able race. Only time will tell. As long as Hydras become tameable, I will be happy.

    -Kahless on Terenas Realm-

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    An underwater expansion is going to suck.

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    beneath the suface of azeroth lies the elemental plane and my bet is that the dark below is even under the elemental plane.
    this leads me to following speculations:

    old god themed expansion (said a few times before but i'll give resonable explanation)
    aszhara will be featured as t17 endboss
    t18 will feature the last remaining zandalari (rastakhan and zul among them)
    ->southern islands will be zones in this expansion, so we can check this one on the wish/to-do list

    final raid will let us battle the old gods (all of them!) in their true form (the c'thun and yogg-saron we fought in AQ and Ulduar were only Avatars). endboss will be kil'jeaden in his full form (sunwell was merely a setback! ) that is trying to control the old gods in the name of the burning legion
    as the old gods are like parasites to azeroth and the titans prefered to imprison them beneath azeroth instead of killing them, as doing so would have destroyed azeroth. finding a way to get rid of them once and for all in the end of the expansion (and killing the first lieutenant of the burning legion and second to sargeras), will wake up the titans and they will show themselves to us and deem us worthy to fight the burning legion and sargeras himself wich will be the final expansion for world of warcraft before titan( wich will be renamed world of warcraft 2) will be released

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    They refer to that thing under Tirisfal Glades of course. No doubt :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimboa24 View Post
    Ra-Den: "But there is a yawning chasm of darkness beneath you mortals, vast, endless, and all consuming. I do not believe that you can correct this doomed course. But you have earned the right to try. Farewell."

    I'm thinking it's the next WoW expansion. They usually trademark this shit close to Blizzcon anyways.
    Knowing Blizzard and their plot-twists, I think it's safe to say we are only getting half the story at the moment. :|

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    I think people are reading way too much into the whole demon-thing on the Dark Below-article on wowwiki/wowpedia. It's not even canon.

    The biggest clue we have right now is Ozumat and his title, <Fiend of the Dark Below>, which is a big one imho. The stuff from Yogg's puzzle box and the quote from Ra-den are also something to consider.

    Nothing is confirmed of course, but I think we might be on to something.
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    Wowhead .com/npc=44566

    Anyone else notice this, ever?
    The thing that attacks the water guy in Throne of the Tides back in Cata has the title <Fiend of the Dark Below>
    Inc Azshara expac?

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    If this is the new Expansion I wonder how Alleria and Turalyon would fit it? Like Metzen has confirmed they are coming back next Expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesywar View Post
    Wowhead .com/npc=44566

    Anyone else notice this, ever?
    The thing that attacks the water guy in Throne of the Tides back in Cata has the title <Fiend of the Dark Below>
    Inc Azshara expac?
    Not like its mentioned on every page of every thread on this subject or anything, Also Erudax has the title <Duke of the Below> and hes a faceless one.

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    Azshara/Nzoth/Nagas incoming. TADA!!

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    So, basically, I've come to the conclusion that it has to be an Elder God expansion.

    Azshara in all likelyhood serves an Elder God. Based on her proximity to the place where they're bound and her immense power, she'd be a prime target for them. That said, Ozumat is described strictly as 'Fiend of the Dark Below' and is working for Azshara to capture Neptulon. This implies that either:

    A) Azshara is working for an Elder God.
    B) Both of them (Ozumat and Azshara) are working for an Elder God independent of one another.
    C) Ozumat *WORKED* for an Elder God, but was bent to Azshara. The least likely, considering an Elder God's power versus Azshara's.

    is true. In addition, the lore scroll from the Taurens that describes how the first Taurens "...hearkened to dark whispers from the deep beneath the world." and were corrupted, which lines up very closely with the Blood Elves landing and going mad in Tirisfal, as well as it would explain the 'Dark Below' title selection. However, the Elder Gods are also technically more powerful than the titans (LinkL www[dot]wowwiki[dot]com/Old_Gods#The_Ordering_of_Azeroth : "In the novel The Sundering, it is hinted that the Old Gods are more powerful than the Titans, including even Sargeras. It is said that they are extremely powerful and that the combined might of many Titans are required to subdue them. It is also stated that if they are freed, even Sargeras will plead for peace of death. This is further supported by their statement that little effort is needed to destroy Sargeras and turn his Burning Legion into their minions.""), and their actual forms are quintessential to the preservation of Azeroth since their 'Curse of Flesh' had been woven so deeply into the fabric of the world.

    Thus, it's likely that we won't be fighting an ACTUAL Old God, but another avatar like Yoggy or C'thun. And Azsahara will not be the Penultimate boss for the expansion, but more likely a catalyst like it has been suggested in a few posts before me. We'll likely enter through the lake in Tirisfall (That area has been un(der)developed for some time now).

    Interesting side thought: If landing there forever ago drove the High Elves that later became Blood Elves insane because of an evil entity (NOT an old god, according to blue posts), whatever it was could have just as likely corrupted Arthas, which would give a direct link between the Scourge and the Old Gods, as Arthas might have been secretly manipulated to get a hand in the Legion's pie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayaleith View Post
    They refer to that thing under Tirisfal Glades of course. No doubt :P
    I can't wait to uncover whatever it is! I bet there's some delightfully horrendous secrets lying there :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordreinhart View Post
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    .... which you posted in the other thread, this being the second of three images, the first one having read "The Darkness Below" until you removed it quickly and photoshopped it down to "The Dark Below," likely when you suddenly realized you'd gotten the name wrong. The original image with "The Darkness Below" was screenshotted and has been reposted in that thread. Please don't troll us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damonskye View Post
    Please don't troll us.
    He's not trolling, he's just making a cynical joke about the Skysunder logo.

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