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    BrM - Why does it default to Fierce Tiger

    Anytime I log in, my Brewmaster stance is back to Fierce Tiger, even though I think I've done exactly nothing in that stance. I always log out in Sturdy Ox. It also happens when resurrected. What's up with this? is it just my UI, or did the developers not think the Paladin system worked out?

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    It's a known bug when swapping to a new location or zoning, your stance will swap to Tiger. It does it for MWer, and it's been happening since 5.3, I believe.

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    The bug is related to having Jab glyphed. Unglyph Jab and you'll be fine.

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    As Nakanai said, unglyph Jab, and the issue goes away.

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    It's the Glyph of Jab.
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    How random! Thank you for the responses!

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