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    i also ran demo all night (we killed 5 bosses) with our other lock playing affliction and destro on protodrake boss..and i was pulling ahead on every fight and usually this guy makes me look bad..even with the nerf to immo and hellfire i was doing insane burst on galak (like 1mil+) and world of logs isnt showing our logs for some reason or id post them.

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    My guild is nothing special, we were only 1/13th heroic last tier. We killed the first two bosses and got the third to 15%. I ran demo and was number one in the first two fights while the third is odd because of the debuff so I was first in that as well because I went in first. I know thats a small sample size but if anyone is worried about being forced into affliction you can hold for a few bosses maybe.

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    A) armory isn't updated for 5.4 yet
    B) logs are very buggy
    C) demo was ahead of aff slightly (if not more) and miles ahead of destro over many locks on 2x 25m teams that were up through juggernaut last night

    I was able to get right on the heels of the ele sham/dps warrior on gala as demo using AD/svc. Didn't use MF since the small adds evaporated so it wasn't aoe it was having burst/pressure on demand for add waves in terms of persistent adds. FF + soulfire in caster and ToC or SF during darksoul had demo feeling pretty decent in terms of DF generation.

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    4/14 in my first night and not having a single problem with affliction in the first 5 fights, maybe for Immersius affliction it's a bit lacky but the boss is so damn easy that really don't matter at all.

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    Should we be running service or supremacy for demo/affliction? Service I assume?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazda View Post
    Not sure why everyone is so hellbent on abandoning Demo. It is still better than Destro in almost every way.

    After the nerf to soul leech, I can't even justify playing Destro for more survivability during progression.
    I have just never (ever) enjoyed Demonology. I love the Hand of Gul'dan mechanic (which belongs on affliction imo), but the Metamorphosis and Doom mechanics can just die in a fire (doubly so with UVLS). That's why I wanna avoid playing it if at all possible.

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    The good news is that if you truly hate demo you can play aff with more parity now than in least in the normal so far. If your guild is very good and/or geared you generally kill adds too fast for aff to hit its stride but it should be stronger the longer stuff lives which will certainly come in heroics.

    Destro is fun and has decent delivery methods for its damage its just obscenely too low right now. Not just vs aff/demo but for what other ranged bring in terms of gear/raid spots. This isn't a "aff/demo are 1% better so 90% of players will play them" its more like aff/demo are 15-20% stronger so nobody is going to play destro who can help it. (or is just a die hard destro fan and doesn't care about the numbers)

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    i still love desto for questing and hunting.. but i can agree its less than stellar for raiding, ill switch to aff for raiding i guess. are we still on for pure mastery for aff with a bit of haste? and whats the best 90 talent on a fight with like 0 adds.. i still dont get this darksoul twice thingy, i guess its good for super short fights or w/e

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