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    Who are the world bosses for 5.4?

    I know one of them is Ordos. Who is the second? And do we know if Ordos is doing to be the equivalent to Oondasta, or is it equivalent to Nalak/Sha?

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    There are 5 world bosses. One being Ordos as you mention. The others are the 4 celestials. However, with the celetrials you can only get loot from one of them, but can fight any of them at any time.
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    the "second" one are the four Celestials. On the timeless Isle, you can fight them one by one, but you will only get loot from ONE Celestial per Lockout. Afaik they share the same Loottable so it won't matter which one you kill.

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    The 4 celestials will be like nalak/sha. ordos is for those with a legendary cloak.

    Note that you can only get loot once from the 4 celestials. So for instance if you kill Xuen you cant get any loot from the other 3 bosses.

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