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    Got a request for a Monk joke. So here it is:

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    "What musician is from ICC?"

    "An Arthas formally known as Prince."

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    What do you call a tauren with only one leg?

    Lean Beef

    What do you call a tauren with no legs?

    Ground beef.

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    A warlord and two peons are working in a mine. The peons strike into a buried lamp and a magical genie appears. The Genie said, "Since there are three of you, I will grant you each one of my three wishes." The first peon shouts, "I wish ta be in Booty Bay on da beach with a nice Rumsey Rum!" POOF! The peon is gone.

    The second peon following suit says, "I wishes to go to Booty Bay and be on a real pirate ship to sail da seas!" POOF! That peon is gone.

    The warlord thinks for a moment and says, "I want those two back in the mines working." POOF!

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    GM Jokes on hold. While on break we should speak on the flavor of Punch that goes with Last Word Pie.

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    Going for Grape to start.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It is a Strawberry day.

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    Choco-Banana Crunch

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    Kool-Aid = "OH YAAAAAA"

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    Still rockin it. Still looking for help.

    - - - Updated - - -

    We want you Mistweavers!

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    11/14 Heroic 25m, US 58th. Still looking for more!

    - Healing Priest
    - Healing Monk
    - Ranged DPS
    - Rogue
    - Enhancement Shaman
    - All Exceptional Applicants Reviewed

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    How bout that thok kill?

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    Still looking for geared/exp Rogue and ranged dps. Close to H Paragons kill!

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    Still looking for geared/exp rogue, lock and other ranged dps!

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    Looking for all kinds of DPS.

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