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    Looking for 25 man help

    I am looking for info for the differences in Raid Mechanics between 10 man and 25 man. NORMAL mode. Can't find anything. So I figured why not ask here.

    what are the differences:

    The Fallen Protectors
    Sha of Pride
    Iron Juggernaut
    Kor'Kron Dark Shaman
    Gerneral Nazgrim
    Spoils of Pandaria
    Thok the Bloodthirsty
    Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    Paragons of the Klaxxi
    Garrosh Hellscream

    Thank you in advance

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    Immer: more sha puddles
    FP: nothing
    Norushen: more dps go in as more orbs
    Pride: all prisons active requiring 12 total to unlock all 4
    Gala: nothing?
    Iron jug nothing?
    Dark shamans: nothing?
    Nazgrim: nothing?
    Malk. More imploding energy bloo drags does tons more damage
    Spoils nothing
    Thok 12 under 50% to push him
    Siege crafter need 2-4 people on conveyer each time
    Paragons More fiery edges more catalysts etc
    Garrosh moar empowered whirl adds i think and 4 mcs
    I solo stuff. I do deepz. I raid. What else do i want? Oh yeah. loot. give me loot. Cookie for loot?

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    There are the same amount of empowered whirl adds on 10 and 25 garrosh. They do however have 1/3rd the health on 10.

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    We have beeing trying to get back to 25m for a while but have been struggeling to get people, and finally had the people we needed for a 25m yesterday, so we went in there and took down the first 10 bosses with out any major hassle. Have to be said that a lot of us have been farming Soo for a while so at least 15/25 of the people are 555+

    We didn't really prepare much for 25m and tried to "wing it" by using our experience from 10m.

    Her is my impressions as a Semi RL / healer:

    Same at 10.

    Same at 25, but a lot easier to heal on 25 (we used 6)

    We never really figured out if we had 4 or 5 orbs. I was 5th to go, but couldn’t find an orb. we wanted 2 tanks + 2 healers + 1 dps on first 5 so we would have plenty of people to soak (again our dps is high so enrage is not an issue). A bit messy and tricky to set up on the fly compared to 10m, but overall more or less same fight. (6 heal = fine due to people going in and me as healer not clicking my heals but scratching my head trying to figure out who to send in where and when). We used a 3rd tank to pick up big adds (and just that)

    4 prisons + you have two adds to the sides. The sift enrage mechanics (pride vs swelling pride) are tunes more or less like 10m. (we used groups to sort prisons)

    Same as 10m but A LOT easier to heal. We normally sent tank + 1 heal + 2 dps to tower. In 25 we tried 5 dps and that worked fine. The tower boss do hit a lot harder on 10m for the solo healer up there, but not really a biggy. (6 heal = a bit overkill as P2 is a lot easier to heal)

    Iron jug:
    Same at 10m. We used a 3rd tank to eat bombs which make it a total loot piñata (6 heal)

    Dark shamans:
    On 10m we use 3 tanks + 2 heals and take one of the bosses up the ramp towards the drag with two tanks and 1 healer. In 25m we did the same with the difference that we had 2 strong single target healer up the ramp with the two tanks. 4 healing down with the last boss and the raid was a total overkill – healing up is a bit intense but a good healer can solo heal it up. (I do not recommend you do it, but you can)

    More focus on spreading. We had a ravanger for the first time ever (new people + more people) but over all the same fight. (we 5 healed = fine). Same kill order on adds. The timing is a bit better on 25m for us. On 10m we need to make dps stop at like 17% to avoid getting double adds at 10%. Think we had him at 22% when he entered def. stance, so we could just do adds when he came out – then boss to 10 – lust + adds and then boss again.

    poddles to soak on 10 and 7 on 25 = the “poddle / person ration” is more or less the same. “enrage” also more or less the same. We kill him between the 1st and the 2nd breath (after having had 1 stacking phase) just like on 10m

    Nothing . we use same box order as 10: green-green-big-rest (leave last big). We 6 healed it and should really just have 4 healed it. with 6 healers we were actually closer to enrage than what I would have liked.

    From the first 10 bosses my overall impression is that 25m is easier than 10m – or maybe not easier but a hell of a lot more forgiving. We want to gear up our new people so normally we would have 2 x 10m groups going in with a mix of geared experienced people in each group. On 25m you can make a boss like Shamans extremely easy by just 3 tanking it, and if you do not have that option in 10m (due to lack of a 3rd tank) you need to do it the normal way and that’s not always a 1shot when you have new less geared people in the raid.

    Since 25 is more forgiving we don’t have the “speed bumps” like Galakras 10m and Shamans 10m where a small error means you have to repeat a 10m fight so we downed 10 bosses in one night withour rushing things , having our normal break and spending the time to talk things over before a pull.

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