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    Quote Originally Posted by herpecin View Post
    you can get 535 in about a weeks time if you hit the isle hard.
    why yes... lets get all the timeless fake gear that is complete shit itemization wise...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    Don't feel like running LFR. I could consider it, but Im not a fan off it.

    Got like Ilvl 365. All that gear was gotten inn the first 3 weeks into MOP - The only time inn MOP I "properly" played my druid, then quitted and checked 5.2 out later for pvp etc. MOP hasen't interested me at all, but with 5.4 being last patch I was hoping to catch up and see the content, and consider if I want more than that.
    Well, no one is a fan of LFR. That's not a valid reason not to do it. Its the easiest way to gear up and, more importantly, to learn the mechanics of the encounters.

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    520 for bosses until Siegecrafter. Beyond him id say 530. This is orcourse with legendary meta (Pretty must for tanks in low ilvl) And ofcourse this is assuming you and your raid knows how to raid.

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    530 sounds good, really easy to get by doing LFR and flex for a few weeks and using all your valor wisely on upgrades so that you don't end up replacing an upgraded item too soon.

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    Lovely necro guys.

    Good job!

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    Well on stormrage the asking ilvl is 540-550 it seems....and that's for flex! Oh yea, they want people to have achieves too...really?! Flex is for those who don't want to deal with the asshats in LFR but flex is still a means of gearing up. People just want others to be already geared so they can rush through and get their shit with no concerns or cares for others....shame.

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