Thread: Fervor or ToTH?

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    Fervor or ToTH?

    As the title says, which one is better for Survival? I believe the less focus costing Arcane Shots are better, but that's me...
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    Fervor is the best overall, but also has the highest skill requirement, you can easily waste the CD entirely if you use it at the wrong time

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    I believe after stalking the forums for recent changes the last few weeks.

    Pre 2 set: Fervor
    2 set: Thrill of the Hunt
    4 set: Fervor again

    Something to do with spamming more Arcane Shots when we get the 2 set, and with the 4 set we're spamming ES to bother to make use of ToTH.
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    Sorry for necroing a kinda old thread but I'm struggling to get my head around the maths involved with thrill vs fervor.

    Anyone out there managed to work out the focus gain from thrill even when you factor in the fact you sometimes dont use all 3 stacks before it procs again?

    Fervor seems to sim as better than thrill (with 2p t16) and seems like the logical choice as you have control over it but people are still using thrill? :/

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    Fervor is a set amount of focus that you can measure. With 2pc and the fact that ToTH-ASs now can re-proc ToTH, you start triggering 20 focus saving on a near permanent basis for you main shot dump. It's good stuff. That you waste ToTH procs is kind of irrelevant, the limiting factor of ToTH is the GCD locks. With ToTH, in every 30s you can get 5 of your nuke, 2 GT, prob 1 SrS because it might fall off....which leaves 22 GCDs. 5 ASs under ToTH = the 100 focus Fervor gives, and with reports of 80-90% uptime on ToTH, you'll get 5 in that 22 GCD. Even if you count the focus gained for your pet from Fervor, and just double the number of AS you need, 10 AS in those 22 GCDs is not unfeasible.

    The savings are quite incredible. The (other) downside of ToTH *was* that it didn't proc off free shots, and ToTH-AS was a free shot. Combined with the free LnL ESs not proccing ToTH either, in SV ToTH only had a use as a sustained-AoE talent. But that downside has all but been eliminated.

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    The main thing about TotH is that it essentially acts as though your Arcane Shot only costs 10 focus instead of the normal 30. Fervor gives you 100 focus every 30 seconds. If you managed to use just 5 Arcane Shots affected by TotH within that 30 seconds, you just became equivalent to the amount of focus given by Fervor. And you will be able to get far more then just 5 Arcane Shots by TotH.
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    Simcraft is showing thrill of the hunt to be the best talent in that tier for me and I don't even have 2 set yet.

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    2pc w/ Normal AoC + ToTH is amazeballs. Like unreal. 66% uptime i'm showing on normal fights.

    Fervor + BW seems to work better for me in Multi-target though, ToTH doesn't seem to work for Multi-shot as well as i'd like.

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