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    Resto transmog help.

    So i've been meaning to transmog my resto gear for some time now as i've grown tired of my old set.
    But i cant really decide on which shoulders i should use!

    This is what i've been thinking of getting

    And i dont really like the tier8 shoulders, and i wanted something other then the old moon t8 head aswell. If you have any other ideas have to improve the transmog, please do share them!

    I've thought maybe going with something like this, just for a splash of color in there. What do you think?
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    Colorful hm. I'm actually using the monk t15 look alike but with the deep earth druid set chest, I think it fits in pretty well.

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    Quite nice!
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    Not bad. Ever considered the Stormrider's build?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gooseigaly View Post
    Not bad. Ever considered the Stormrider's build?
    Thank you!
    I have, and i used to have it. Though on second thought, i might use it for balance again! Thanks for the suggestion. :-)
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