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    Another kid who thinks anything blizzard does it not "good enough" so he trys to bash it, Pity it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by This Guy View Post
    What the fuck does pandas have to do with kids?
    Check out MoP trailer and tell me.

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    Really nice cinematic, but no reason to trash on Blizzard. The one area they have always impressed me in, is cinematics.

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    Not sure why you have to compare this to Blizzard cinematics (who are among the leaders in this) but yeah, this is pretty awesome. CD Projekt RED has always had great cinematics.

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    Yeah, it was an okay trailer. It didn't get me interested in the game, if that was it's intent. Hey, that guy killed a dear and fought some thugs. Woo, so awesome!

    Meanwhile the WoW expansions have trailers involving giant lava dragons and martial artists going all Jackie Chan on actual combat-tested soldiers. Oh, and don't even get me started on Heart of the Swarm. I don't even like Starcraft, I've never even played the original, and that trailer actually peaked my interest.

    The "wake up call" is to you, OP. WoW does a pretty nice job with it's cinematics. And I'm not saying that your link was a bad cinematic, but it certainly isn't to be even closely heralded as "one of the best ever done" when even compared to just Blizzard games, let alone every other game that's been made before or since.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    Way to cheapen a great trailer by using it as a soapbox. :/
    Yep. Seemed like a lightly veiled dig at WoW's cinematics, which I think a lot can agree are incredible quality (even if people disagree with the content or portrayal). Actually, I don't think I've seen any cinematic that I'd call "bad" for several years, regardless of who made them.

    Blizzard's cinematics are fine. You can bitch about the game all you want, but you can't tell me their cinematics are bad, because they're not. I simply refuse to acknowledge it even as an opinion (which is genuinely a first for me).

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    I'm a huge fan of both WoW and The Witcher. I think that cinematics wise, Wow's are superior. The Cataclysm cinematic I must have rewatched 20+ times. This cinematic was good, it was very good, but what made it stand out wasn't the detail in the graphics (although the environment was amazing) it was Geralts voice over and final line "Killing Monsters". It gave the whole thing such an epic feel. People who haven't played The Witcher and don't 'know' Geralt will probably not appreciate this much as someone who has.

    Great cinematic, it has hyped me up even more for the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faesroll View Post
    The old Republic trailers are far better than that.
    Yep, game was fucking awful, but this is the best cinematic out there, and the best Star Wars since Return of the Jedi,

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    what part of this is supposed to read as a "wake up call" for Blizzard? (EDIT: the OP not the one above me)

    they took a more realistic approach, and theres a more "adult" nature to it with the blood and language... but neither of those things have anything to do with warcraft. and thats not even a recent "Mop is for kids" mentality type change. it literally has never been that way since Warcraft 1.

    i actually went back and watched the MoP cinematic just now to compare. and all style aside, from a purely objective standpoint the Mists cinematic is just as good if not even a bit better in overall technical quality.

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    well my favorite trailer is from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (the RTS game, not the MMO).

    But I have to agree with above in that there are a lot of quality trailers being made now.

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    Im kinda partial to this one as well.

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    Lookit all dem nibbles on yo troll. Yo troll be huge dawg. What what! Panties droop'n like Baggy Pants all like DAY-NUM on dis troll'n.

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    OP is degy as fuck. So much hate for WoW, he's so cool /sarcasm

    I've seen much better trailers AC:Revelation was a hell of a lot cooler. Plus you're comparing WoW to The Witcher... Wat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorngrove View Post
    Lookit all dem nibbles on yo troll. Yo troll be huge dawg. What what! Panties droop'n like Baggy Pants all like DAY-NUM on dis troll'n.
    Was that english... I think I understand what you're trying to say but...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    Check out MoP trailer and tell me.
    You mean the one where a human and an orc are battling it out and then a pandaren shows up and kicks their asses?

    Or how about the previous expansion where a dragon totally wrecks the world? Oh man, WoW is for kids!

    Seriously, no one gives a shit. You think violence makes a game mature. You think that a mature game is a good game. You're wrong on both counts. ***Wake up***

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    Well to me that isn't even the best Witcher trailer.

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    Yeah, I saw this today. However the fast motion combat ruined it for me. Also it felt like they were trying to much.

    Blizzard still remains the King of Cinematics for me. Followed closely by Square Enix.

    A thing to say however, is that both these companies I mentioned make their cinematics by themselves. CDProjekt had a company specifically for cinematics to make this. Same applies with Bioware. Another company makes their cinematics.

    Which brings up the point, why does Blizz and Square make better CGI than the companies who are specifically made to make CGI cinematics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trauma443 View Post
    And surprise, surprise, is not a Blizzard one. And there are not pandas involved.

    Enjoy it. 1080p. Of course.

    Blizzard, ***wake up***.

    Also, as badass as it is, Blizzard pretty much sets the standards when it comes to cinematics. It's the one place you CANNOT fault Blizzard on no matter how much you might dislike the company.

    No cinematic can compete with the badassery that was the HotS trailer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilurm View Post

    Which brings up the point, why does Blizz and Square make better CGI than the companies who are specifically made to make CGI cinematics?
    purely subjective there

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    The trailer is awesome but your thread is stupid. Why use the witcher 3 trailer to have a dig at blizzard on a blizzard games fan forum?
    Quote Originally Posted by Zillionhz View Post
    By fiber be purged

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    In my opinion a cinematic is better when it tells a story and not some retro combat with a narrative. Not saying its bad, it's a good cinematic. But the best is your opinion. I cant even think of the best cinematic i know of because Blizzard did such good work in WoW/D3/SC2.
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