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    [SteelSeries WOW mouse + Bartender4] Configuration help needed.

    I have the SteelSeries WOW Legendary mouse, and i run Bartender4.. so when i try to configure this in game - its looking for "right action bar" which i dont use, and when i try to confir in windows - my selection items dont come close to what theyre named in my bartender config.. maybe if i shut off my bartender, activate the right action bar - populate it with the 11 buttons, then re-activate bartender4 and hope for the best ?

    any suggestions appreciated.

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    look at keybind you should see

    bartender bar 1
    bartender bar 2

    in dominos you can say config keybindshover over key press desired button and done
    Same Shit Different Day

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    dominos is a life saver.. tyvm

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