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    I used to think Draenei looked awesomely detailed compared to the classic races. It's why I picked Draenei for the majority of my characters as soon as they were available to me. The animations were more fluent, everything was more pleasing to the eye than e.g. your standard human model.

    Now, every time I look at Pandaren, the Draenei model doesn't look so amazing anymore. Heck, not even Worgen who aren't all that old yet can hold a candle to the fluidity of movement and posture of a Pandaren model.

    I can't wait for them to brush over the old models, and I'm really really excited for when they're done.

    We don't need new races. Rather make the ones that we already have evolve to a standard that matches with the surroundings. It's a huge difference to see an old character model jump around in the likes of Duskwood or to see them run through the likes of the Vale or even the Dread Wastes. Old models in old settings blend in well; but old models in new setting just don't quite fit so well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangers58 View Post
    Dude, things that are really a priority do not take 4 years. We have had 3 new races added to the game in that time, all with brand new models.
    Blizzard never said updated models were a priority until the Blizzcon where they announced Mop. They have also explained why they made better models for new races and why they hadn't updated older models yet.

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    (Warning, insane animation major geek moments below!)

    New models will be short lived enjoyment?

    Are you all BONKERS?

    I LOVE the pandaren models! If I'm on mine, and have to wait for anything, I love watching it look around and move! There is SO much more character to these models than anything else in the game. Seriously, I've never enjoyed the little details like spinning my camera around and giggling as one of them sniffs and makes a face as if he's detected something unsavory with his nose.

    Also, aside from the male pandaren dance being hilariously awesome, I love watching them SIT! Other models just kinda sit down with nothing interesting to add, (Hell, the female worgen look like they're about to snap off their own knees!), but the pandaren male kinda leans back and PLOPS down with a jiggle that emphasizes his...well...size!

    I could go on, but you all would probably get bored.

    Point is, I don't think they will be a short lived enjoyment. MoP has been out for nearly a year and I have yet to get bored with the Pandaren models. I had hoped that SoO would take advantage of showing off some possible new models by updating a few of the racial leaders with some much needed improvement (i.e. Baine, Mekkatorque, Gallywix (more of a get him in the game stab there), rat head Jaina, etc), but unless Blizz is just hiding them until patch release, we probably won't see them anytime soon.

    No, updating models shouldn't take away from the addition of new content. I'm very well aware of the kind of time that's required to put into making things like pandaren models look and move as well as they do, but Blizz is a multi-million dollar company, they have the capacity to do both!

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    I think we've reached a certain point in WoW lore where every race that has the intelligence, physical measures and distinction to be playable, has been made playable.

    Ogres are an option imo, but they're kinda too stupid.
    Nagas is just a big no-er for me physically.
    Furbolgs could be, but they don't differ from Pandaren in appearance.

    And we should look at affiliation of other races to the Horde/Alliance aswell.
    Example: gimme one good reason why the Arrakoa would even consider joining the Alliance, who live on a world the Arrakoa
    A. Can't reach themselves.
    B. Aren't interested in conquering/visiting.
    C. Have no use for in making a pact with.

    I say update vanilla models.

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    i guess im strange, i think that garrosh model is terrible.

    edit : to clarify im talking about his new model, theres just something about it that looks "off"

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