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    If blizzard wants to increase subscribers...

    They should focus on making more cinematic material as opposed to one or two trailers every patch. If the Siege of Orgrimmar trailer told me anything, it's that Blizzard has always made above par cinematics, machinima, and trailers. Time after time, regardless of the content the acting is superb, and It never fails to send a shiver up my spine. I feel that if they spent a more time on including such things for some of the in game content (Like, for example, how Wrathgate was) that it would greatly improve the game. Especially if they were to air some of the more epic cinematics on television.

    Anyone else agree?

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    While I love the cinematics, I´d rather they spend time like they do now making new content. Plus, Im prettty sure the cinematics team and the development team are two different things, and they should stay that way.

    I really dont think WoW should go into the "oh look, follow this on TV, play it on your PC, check the app" crap thats more and more common right now

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    They did a great job I guess some people have bad taste because its not perfect.

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    I believe this expansion has had the most in-game cinematic content (through questing, raids etc...) and patch trailers of all the expansions thus far. I'd be extremely happy if they kept this pace up to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyin View Post
    They did a great job I guess some people have bad taste because its not perfect.
    Nothing is ever perfect, and nothing will ever be perfect. Especially coming from Blizzard as there is no way in the world you can satisfy that many people at the same time, and even one troll will always hate everything, so it cant by definition be perfect even if it tried :

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    It would be nice if these things were incorporated into the game somehow. You know, maybe you do a quest chain and you get to see it in game.

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    Players quit because they are bored.

    "Make more cinematics."

    You don't know why players are quitting.
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    MOP is by far the expansion with most cut-scenes (and stuff).

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