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    Lightbulb New Player Auctions idea for WOW

    Hey Guys

    This is a question to all you guys who have in the past sold/bought (or are willing to in the future) an account on WOW. You see I had this idea to create a website online, similar to players auctions but with 2 big differences.

    First difference: Website only trading WOW accounts

    Second difference: The user wouldn't be selling the account straight to some user but to the website. The website would be the customer. Such a sale would happen instantly, so the seller wouldn't have to wait a long period for some random player to buy. The price would be fixed according to rank or champion position. The account price would then be marked 10% higher (to make a profit ) and offered as a account on sale on the same website.

    Please, give me your honest opinion

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    Account selling/trading is against Blizzard's ToS but not alot listen to that so I'm going to say this, don't sell/trade your WoW acount, its just stupid imo, first, why trade accounts and get a class you dont know how to play, that's laziness, second, I don't see a reason to make profit off a game you've enjoyed and played for awhile.
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    Any ownership outside of the original owner is technically illegal by the ToS, except or parent of a youth. The website would be closed almost immediately . And possibility of accounts banned.

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    Since selling or trading of accounts is against Blizzard's TOS, we don't allow threads about that here either.

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