View Poll Results: Who will kill Garrosh?

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  • King Varian Wrynn

    90 11.41%
  • Thrall

    74 9.38%
  • Sylvanas Windrunner

    17 2.15%
  • Vol'jin

    305 38.66%
  • Gamon

    35 4.44%
  • Chen Stormstout

    20 2.53%
  • Jaina Proudmoore

    26 3.30%
  • Lor'themar Theron

    10 1.27%
  • Varok Saurfang

    41 5.20%
  • Us, the players

    136 17.24%
  • Others

    35 4.44%
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    I voted for Gamon

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    I throw my vote for Kor'jus <Mushroom Vendor>

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    Varian, after which he will be sitting on the Warchief's throne, taking a nice pic with every other Alliance leader and leaving a permanent "we have been here, rockin' this place" sign on the ground. :P

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    Vol'jin, too much lore in place for it to not be the case.

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    I would really have liked a team all shooting him down at once, consisting of Varian, Thrall, Jaina and Vol'jin. These are the four characters that seem the best front runners.


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    Vol'jin or Saurfang are my guesses. They have both said they would if they got the chance, so it makes sense.

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    The Patient
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    I figure we'll beat the Sha out of Garrosh, he'll surrender to Thrall, and then Vol'jin will stab him in the throat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjerith View Post
    As great a line as Vol'jin delivered to Garrosh way back in the day, the reality is that an arrow fired into his heart would be incredibly underwhelming after spending however long beating the crap out of him with spells, huge melee weapons, pets and THOUSANDS of arrows or bullets.

    I imagine it coming down in 1 of 2 ways.

    Roll with me on this first one--
    The way that Scar died in The Lion King. The end of the fight between him and Simba was when he got tossed off the top of the rock and fell into the fire, but then he survived the fire and was eaten up by the hyena's. If we all beat up Garrosh, loot him, and somehow or other his body vanishes, but we all assume that he's dead just because. Cut to him slinking along some hidden tunnel to escape the armies wrath, laboring but dark magic healing him up as he goes, weak but still so full of rage. An arrow peirces the darkness as a lanky shadow smoothly emerges from nowhere. A soft thud. The laugh of a troll.

    I could also feature Voljins attack as a stylish way to change phases. Like how Deathwing was all transformed and monstrous after falling into the maelstrom; Garrosh could change forms into a more sha-like shape and increase in strength after Voljin fires his famous arrow to 'kill' Garrosh's normal form. The body could lie still a few moments, Enough time for Vol'jin to maybe even turn away or say something about having won, and then slowly turn back after hearing the transformation begin. At this point other characters could jump into the fray.
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    Mortally wounded, a gasping Garrosh staggers as he stands, purple ichor and red blood flowing from a multitude of wounds.

    Before him stands Thrall, the shaman's blues eyes cold with fury.

    'You think you can trust the Alliance' he rasps, each word punctuated by a fresh gout of frothy red blood bubbling from his lips.

    'It is madness'.

    'Madness?' says Thrall, growing still.

    'THIS IS THE HORDE!' he bellows, attempting to boot Garrosh in the stomach. However, shaman robes were not meant for kicking and Thrall's leg immediately tangled in the hem of his own clothing. The momentum of his action causing him to hop forward, crashing into the wounded and very startled Warchief. Both collapse in a tangled, groaning heap on the ground.

    Some idiot in the crowd around the Warchief's throne, because there is always one in a crowd, laughs and shouts 'GAY'.

    Garrosh at least is able to see Thrall looking faintly embarassed before the darkness floods his vision...

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    OT: Blizzard should make a voting poll and everyone is allowed to vote who gets the killing blow, and the character with the most votes will get the killing blow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shekora View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam the Wiser View Post
    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    The players. Anything else will just cause a shit storm as both factions have their reasons and are invested in taking him down and for one to get the actual kill would completely take that away. We have also been told time and time again by Kosak that this time around they want it to be the players getting the glory, heck it was this very reason that that contributed to Dalaran not appearing.

    Vol'jin saying he will kill Garrosh really is moot in the end as damn near every other leader has sworn they will kill Garrosh. It's pointless to bring up Vol'jin's threats and invalidate the others.
    We have four front runners in the "Who should kill Garrosh most" contest. Vol'jin, Thrall, Varian and Jaina. All have made threats. All have their own reasons which are completely valid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dat Guy View Post
    Vol'jin, too much lore in place for it to not be the case.
    I still hope he tries but gets his ass handed to him. But with Blizzard it will going to be the obvious, so...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dat Guy View Post
    Vol'jin, too much lore in place for it to not be the case.
    Varian, Jaina and Thrall all have the appropriate lore too.

    Garrosh is the Orc that's caused so much destruction in Alliance that Varian has bring an end to such a Orc. He then made it personal by almost killing Anduin. Varian and Garrosh have been rivals since Wrath and have crossed blades more than any other leaders have.

    Jaina lost her entire blooming city to Garrosh and was then played by Garrosh during Theramore with his Blood Elven insurgents. To make matters more personal we learn that Garrosh has been holding Theramore civilians as prisoners and has been forcing them to fight each other for the Orcs amusement.

    Thrall is and feels responsible for his error in appointing Garrosh. He wants to personally end this and correct his own mistake. He lost Cairne; his best friend to Garrosh. Garrosh has also pressed the reset button on the Orcs road to redemption after the Second War and has ruined everything Thrall worked for to better his people and the Horde.

    To give to just one is frankly silly. They all have god damn good reasons to want to kill him. By giving it to one it will make the other's story arcs have a almost hollow ending. While it annoys me to say it will also inevitably cause a shit storm of "faction bias" to whomever gets it.
    Giving it to the players is the best solution to all of this. It does not have to be written off as one faction and as none of the lore characters get it, they are all immediately placed on even ground thus making none of their stories conclusions feeling hollow in the face of a another heroes story trumping their own.

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    my bet is a one of your warriors with a phat execute crit or a shadowburning warlock... Not sure how hard kill shot works these days...

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    I'm just thinking, does his shoulder armor come off when his size is increased from Y'Shaarj?

    I believe he will survive the encounter, to be used as a plot device in future to help fight against the Legion in a future expansion.

    Vol'jin will pierce Y'Shaarj heart with an arrow, destroying it and removing the power from Garrosh. Baine will fight one-on-one with him, removing his weapons and War Stomping him. Then Varian, Thrall and Jaina stroll in and give a speech about how naughty he has been, all three deliberate and have to come to a majority vote on if he is to survive or die. Thrall believes he should live and learn from his mistakes, Jaina believes he should die for his crimes against her people and Varian has the final vote, decides that though he has commited some heinous acts, everyone deserves a chance of redemption. They lock him away, to be freed when Anduin has calmed him and focused his anger into protecting Azeroth for the impending Legion (who set his father Grom on a path of destruction) attack.

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    I voted "other" for Mankriks Wife xD

    That would be a surprising twist at least.
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    The one who will deliver the final blow to Garrosh... will be Garrosh!

    Check this out, Varian, Jaina, Vol'Jin, the belf guy and others are clustered around the Garrosh, arguing about who will get this final blow and shit like that. Suddenly, they all shut the fuck up, seeing Garrosh rising on his knees. And the dude is like: hahaha, this whole place is rigged with explosives! Everybody is like "damn, we're fucked", and they are, because the whole RFC explodes. And everybody is dead, only Bruce Willis manages to escape.

    Perfect ending, don't you agree?

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    agree, save the honor and kill ur self

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    I hope it's Varok.
    Varok slaughtered helpless innocents along with the other orcs of his era, but he admits that what he did was wrong, and he learned from it, and vowed to never repeat his actions while under the blood curse. He tried to tried to teach Garrosh to learn from the mistakes of the past, yet Garrosh is doing exactly the same thing the Horde of old did.

    If this was ever the case, Varok swore he would kill Garrosh. And this was in Wrath, years before Garrosh was even in a position of real authority, or one that he lead others down the same path. This was before the shattering/Cataclysm and the bombings in Stone Talon, this was before the mana bomb being dropped on Theramore, this was before Mists and Garrosh getting his hands on anything Sha related or attempting to have Vol'jin assassinated, or anything else he did that comes even close to horrors and atrocities the orcs did in the past to the Draenei and even the humans during the first 2 wars (which Varok served in).
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