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    Feral or Boomkin for PvP in 5.4?

    So after reading through patch notes, it seems that both feral and boomkins are getting hit hard in 5.4 and I was wondering what every other druid is doing about it regarding PvP. I do arenas sometimes but only for fun and not for high ratings, and I also do RBGs 2 - 3 nights a week, maybe more in 5.4 and hoping to hit high rating with that instead.

    My question is this, after both specs receiving some nerfs, which of the 2 would be better? I played feral since just before BC came out for PvP and would say im pretty skilled, but I then specced to boomy in 5.3 just for the change, which I can play quite well but not amazingly.

    I want to know before 5.4 since I want to be fully prepared for RBGs and start getting the next arena gear when it comes out for correct spec.

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    Boomkin looks more viable. PS nerf for feral is huge. + we lose treantstun. I don't think it's going to be a fun season for any druid next season unless they revert some changes. But unless you are very good at it, boomie pvp is relatively hard (not a big fan of RBG's tho, speaking arena-wise) The damage is fine for feral(actually both), but I think losing that cyclone -we are always out in the open, can't cast LOLCLONES by standing before them- is a really big nerf.

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    What about the nerf to multi dotting and the buff to wrath and starfire? Would this not mean that boomkins would have better damage output from casting therefor putting them in a vulnerable position? Logically people will focus down a boomy in arena and RBGs because of this to completely lock them out. Or am I missing something?

    I only play 2v2 for arena so I can see me pretty much being trained by double DPS combos.

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    Between the multidot nerf and the removal of the 15% damage reduction moonkin form gave, I'm really scared of moonkin pvp in the patch. I mean, it wasn't great to begin with, but now it's even less great. Pretty commonplace for us moonkins though.

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    I dont think that boomkins will be bad, but our biggest hope should be resto now. They will probably be equal to disco and maybe even better
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