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    Lesser Charms of Good Fortune

    I was just curious if anyone had seen or experienced on the PTR if Lesser Charms of Good Fortune will be the currency for the new SoO tokens or if they will be moving to something new.

    I hadn't seen any blue posts or anything on MMO announcing it, although I may have missed it.
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    PTR is using the rues of fate. as of the last 25 normal testing anyway.

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    From WoWDB: Warforged Seal

    See the "Rewarded from" Tab at the bottom.

    tl;dr: Same as it is now, 50 Lesser Charms -> 3 Warforged Seals.

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    It'll remain the same. You can turn in 50 Lesser Charms of Good Fortune for the new Warforged Seal.

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    + you will be able to buy the current mogu charms from Timeless isle.

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    ^ what they said.

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