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    ilvl/Character Scaling, HotT & other such achievements

    With the onset of ilvl/character scaling that has recently been revealed, do you think we'll be able to go back and do Herald of the Titans on our main character (assuming you don't have it already account wide)? I've always wanted the achievement on my current account, but I've never had the patience to keep a character at that level long enough to gear up, find like-minded individuals, etc.

    So, what are the chances we'll be able to do this?

    And do you think they'll add these types of achievements to other older raids, rewarding titles, etc.?

    I think it would bring a lot of life into older content.


    Edit: I should clarify, I'm talking about making new achievements/titles/etc for going back and doing older content with the character/ilvl scaled down to fit the raid, not just talking about the normal achievements you can get from soloing it.
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