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    How wide is the damage gap between Warrior specs?

    I really love Champion. I REALLY love playing this spec. The drawback to this is that it's mostly designed as an "AoE spec" and I get people telling me that I should be taking Paragon instead.

    However, I really don't like Paragon, because I suck at it. I always seem to get things out of sync, and if I lose touch-time with a boss... well... I'm pretty boned. On the flipside, I'm rather adept at my 61champ 11para 4temp spec (because the long-term melee player in me cannot live without an interrupt) and it comes very naturally to me. I enjoy it thoroughly and can pump out enough hurt in my ghetto LFD expert pugs to ensure I'm a worthwhile DPS slot.

    So I guess my question is: exactly how wide is the gap between Champ and other specs when it comes to single target? I can't tell myself because I play all the other specs really quite poorly, and I can't get an accurate indication. If I plan on playing casually - say. LFD'ing experts and maybe doing some raids here and there - how long can I get away with playing Champ exclusively? Or is the gap wide enough that I'm really gimping myself by not learning to play Para properly?
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    The above link will take you to a recent guide/discussion on Rift single target warrior specs. There are links to dps specs in that thread.

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    We are getting changed in 2.4...do not look at 2.3 data with 2.4 so close



    Noone has eve bothered to parse Champ for the simple fact while outstanding on AoE it is utterly fucking useless in most single target fight in this game. Champ used to be the goto spec for AoE and good single target, but fuck twats over at Trion gut'd that and noone has even bothered with it.

    They could get rid of champ and BM and noone would notice. Look at the other thread where I am pissed about this shift to pure 61 soul builds and you will understand why Champion has become useless. There are simply no viable builds that allow to have Champ Aoe, Para single target, and Temp ranged. Trion very very efficiently gutted soul hybridization with warrior dps souls.

    All builds that are viable are 61 point and that is it. It is not changing until the next expansion or until they fire Ailinon or by some MIRACLE Daglar designs a fight not made to benefit ranged stacking on top of each other.
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