Thread: SoO Bossguides?

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    SoO Bossguides?

    Does anyone know a video compilation of all bosses and/or guides?

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    Icy Veins puts out a lot of PTR preview stuff.

    Slootbag has all of the VoDs on his Twitch page for a Tank PoV.

    Zoomkins has recorded most (if not all) of the 10 man testing and put that on his YouTube Channel.

    Hope this helps

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    I've got all normal modes covered with some of the footage being heroic as well for 10 man:

    Start here with Immerseus and its in a playlist with all of the other 13 fights

    Or here's a link to the playlist itself

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    gonna push this, anyone found some new stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katjezz View Post
    gonna push this, anyone found some new stuff?
    Don't forget about Sparkugzz from Method. He has all 10 man PTR videos for normal modes up on his youtube channel. Usually Affliction or Demonology.

    Not guides but another point of view.

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    Riggnaros has 1-8 in great detail on his channel.
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    SoO is gunna be awsome!

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