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    Why, what does it change if the combo points are displayed on my head instead of someone else's?
    It helps with several issues, including but not limited to: targets vanishing and our combopoints with them (megaera heads, iron qon dogs), mobs dying during an aoe/losing target and your combopoints still being on that mob you can't find, being pretty impractical to level with.
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    I can potentially see Blizzard eventually making CPs on the player instead of the target for Rogues and Ferals. This wouldn't be due to some sort general outcry as opposed to the CP model changing over the years. Paladins, Monks, and Shadow Priests all effectively work on newer CP models based on the player instead of target. I think the pros and cons of CPs on the player vs the target have been discussed to death in this thread. On the Pro side, you have much more fluid target switching capability. On the Con side, there is the threat of homogenization.

    Personally, I don't think there's too much to fear from CPs on the player for both Rogues and Ferals. As has been pointed out, CPs on the Rogue would immensly help Combat out on a fight like Horridon. Either CPs on the player or Redirect off the GCD would also greatly increase fluidity of the class in general and clear up many complaints out there regarding clunkiness. Granted, is that worth potentially dumbing down a spec like Assassination even further? That's hard to say.

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