View Poll Results: Do you like having content only be there for 2-4 weeks?

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  • Yes, it's good that it's 90% temporary and the 2-4 weeks is perfect.

    35 15.56%
  • Yes, though it could last more.

    29 12.89%
  • I'm on the fence about the issue.

    19 8.44%
  • No, it should last a lot more if it's temporary.

    17 7.56%
  • No, most content should be permanent, only special events should be temporary.

    125 55.56%
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    They just need to add 4-5 more nodes and then the gathering daily will be super easy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shink View Post
    16 hours of content, spread between 2 weeks, if you can't find a way to spare some time, i don't think you should be trying to play a MMO, because you are busy enough to not be able to play
    Yeah, what about the new players? I mean, let's say I joined the game now. And I see "Scarlet's minions are attacking X zone". Who is Scarlet to them? Nobody, just some random nobody, so why should they care? She doesn't offer them loot better then everything else since this is not a game about improving in stats after a level and if they are not encouraged to care about lore either... why would they even bother to do any of her events? She's a nobody attacking some random zone. If anything, she's just annoying since she interrupts the normal flow of the zone with no purpose as a nobody (heck, not even I who was there when she appeared understood why she attacked us to be honest, but for newer players it's even worse) attacking everything for no reason.

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    The Scarlet invasions are terrible now anyway. Wave 1 takes far too long. Since it's mostly unrewarding no one really wants to bother with it. You also can't work on minions during Wave 2 anymore. I don't know if I've been unlucky or if they purposely have made Molten Alliance always come first, but basically you either never get to the Aetherblades (the only real reason to bother with the invasions) or if you do you have at most 5 minutes worth of farming before you fail the event.

    Granted, this is just the experience I've had on my server. Regardless, I used to like doing the invasions but now I don't bother, it's just a waste of time unless you happen to already be in the invasion zone.

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    I dunno how it is on my server, but that sounds about right for the Invasion events nowadays. Folks either chase the meta for the new Living Story or stick to the tried-and-true champ trains/world bosses, IME.

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