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    Getting into the game.

    I bought this game a while ago and even then I had trouble getting into the game mainly because I don't know what to do at times. I would like some help with figuring out what to do.

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    Short answer: Whatever you feel like.

    Longer answer: This game is a journey, not really a destination. If you're looking for a traditional 'endgame', it's pretty much everything you've already done, only more of it. Avenues to the 'best' gear open up fully at 80, as well as all the options your class affords in terms of its trait lines. Beyond that, it's about what you enjoy doing and the things you want to have.

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    Well I don't really know what I want really haha.

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    "I'm hungry but don't know what to eat" is not much to go on.

    What do you like to eat? What concerns your appetite? What do you have to spend? How much value do you attach to the relative invest of the meal?

    Now replace all the stuff about food with phrasing indicative of gaming in an non-linear, casual focused MMO.

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    Well I have no money to spend and I like to get the best out of a game as I can without having to spend much money or none at all

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    Well, other than character slots, most things purchased from the Gem Store are cosmetic or convenience items. So you needn't worry about having to spend RL cash on the game. It's entirely possible to get them with in-game gold as well, just save it up, try and watch the market for when gem prices go down and buy them when they're lower. Also watch for when things go on sale in the gem store to save further, if possible.

    There's plenty to do by yourself, and if you prefer a more social group-style experience, join a guild and see how that works for you. A good one will have people willing to help you out as well as things organized for guild members to take part in. Remember, that should be a two-way street. Give help and you'll get it in return.

    My advice is to explore the world, check out all the starting areas, play around some with your personal story, try the Living World content if you care to, and just jump in and play anything that sounds fun to you.

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    Ok lol and I would much rather be in a guild but the two I've been in kicked me for inactivity I suppose because I can't be online everyday.

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    Make sure you represent the guild you join so they gain influence from your activities. That could be a problem causing them to kick you.

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    Well I think I'm representing them whilst I play but again I believe it's because I was inactive.

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    Well, best of luck finding a guild that suits you. I just stick to my own private guild and leave it at that.

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