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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleredar View Post
    If I understand the censer correctly... using it on PvE realms doesn't allow you to instantly start attacking anyone you want... it merely makes you a target for people to start attacking, who, if they do indeed attack you, will gain the same "attackable by anyone" standing, just like the Gurubashi arena/Darkmoon Faire deal.
    Healers see in their UI that HP of some person dropped to 10%. They start to heal him. Guess what happens next?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    (lol what mechanics when fps for most people drops down to oblivion).
    Yeah man, people like me who can't afford new pcs and plays with a 5 year old one are going to be screwed :/
    They should have made ordos like baradins hold or voa.

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    This guy is gonna get nerfed halfway first week. They will also build GY right on top of him so rushing him will be easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brazorf View Post
    except that with connected realms there is likely no chance to have a truly dead realm for a while
    Sorry but Connected realms won't do much, let's asume they start with the lowest realm populations and merge them.

    As the lowest populated realms have between 100 - 300 active lvl 90 players (

    If they merge 2 of them, that makes 600 active players compared to a top realm like Twisting Nether, Kazzak, ...
    600 active lvl 90 players vs 14k

    They would basicly have to merge the bottom 23 realms together before those realms become "an active realm" like TN, Kazzak, ...

    My Question: Do you honoustly see Blizzard merging 23 realms into one?

    And back on Topic: As far as I know the pvp item only works if someone else has the pvp item active.
    I doubt people are going to use a 90% health reduction item on Ordos

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    Only problem is that its very hard to get more then 40 ppl on a openraid because you keep getting phased to diffrent servers so too keep 2*40 man raids on the same server is hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raintola View Post
    And the rest of them were? RNG RNG RNG
    What's your point? These legendaries had RNG involved too (on how fast you'll get them) as did the rest of the legendaries...So again, what's your point? This expansion's legendaries were definitely easier to get than previous expansions (mostly because you could get legendary mats from LFR).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    Healers see in their UI that HP of some person dropped to 10%. They start to heal him. Guess what happens next?
    That person, though, is in your party... they can't attack you. And on PvE servers, no one outside the group fighting to kill the boss would be flagged unless they manually switched targets to the "newly flagged" person.

    And you must also remember that no one can enter the plateau after the fight has started. So a whole new raid couldn't just roll in and take your spot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    It doesn't look that hard. Stack with 25+ people and heal through approx 200k raidwise damage, run out with Burning Soul, set up an Ancient Flame soaking rotation, and move the boss with the fire pools he spawns.

    And it's gonna be zerged down anyway so w/e.

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    On realms that at 99% one factions they will just zerg him down like every other world boss.
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    OP's post reads like bad fanfiction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    MrExcelion brings some very valid points (I am not on PTR, so some of these sound new to me).

    They should just make "Lair of Ordos" raid instance. Can't enter without completing legendary cloak quest-line (if that's a really necessary pre-requisite).

    Voila! All problems solved!

    Current design for Ordos is a recipe for disaster. There was a reason why EQ was failing with it's raids - that's because non-instanced raid bosses weren't really working out well. Why Blizzard should repeat 10 years old mistakes, I just don't understand, as also I can't understand some people's obsession with world bosses. If to make world boss - it should have short respawn timer, and no damn attunements and tricky mechanics (lol what mechanics when fps for most people drops down to oblivion).
    Not really when you consider that world bosses were a much larger part of the game in EQ than they are in WoW. Ordos is one boss and there are 14 of them sitting in the new raid instance for you to kill and not get butthurt over. I think it's a great design, a world boss that actually adds a challenge and doesn't just feel like a weekly quest that you turn up, tap it, loot it and move on like all the rest do. People keep saying they want things to feel "epic" again, well what is epic about flying around on 4 alts per week dropping in to punch Sha and Nalak once and getting loot for it? Make people work for that shit, and if it sparks a bit of world PvP, all the better.

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    I havent heard a peep about him, but if hes as powerful as you say, then GG Blizz, you actually done something right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    I havent heard a peep about him, but if hes as powerful as you say, then GG Blizz, you actually done something right.
    Done something right? Everytime they do something right they revert going back to wrong meaning this shit is going to be nerfed lol as I've stated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaazrak View Post
    Censor of Agony trolling incoming.
    The true raid isn't killing Ordos, it is surviving the Censor Trolls.
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    Ordos is not going to be nerfed, because there is no reason to.

    You can buy, from vendors on the Isle, items that can:

    Proc 100k extra damagr onhit

    Proc +8k mainstat

    Reduce all Fire damage by 50% (obviously all damage by Ordos is Fire damage)

    Buy those, make sure the whole raid has them, the fight becomes Sha difficulty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    3. Boss is strictly designed for max-level, elite raiding guilds with toons equipped with the best gear available (meaning several runs through the SoO raid on 25m Heroic for ultimate gear ups, enchanting rings for maxing out stats, etc). Boss can't be used to gear up lower level toons.
    The only "hard" thing about Ordos is to meet his Enrage, nothing more.

    His Abilities are:
    Stack up to counter a Meteor
    People will turn into Geddon like Bombs
    Dodge a Fire Orb
    Not staying in the fire

    The loot of his Ilvl is 559 (NHC Warforged) i STRONGLY doubt that you need Heroic Gear to kill, he has merely 436Million Health even though his Enrage is at 5 Minutes, if you come up with enough people he will fall rather quickly.

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    Just from reading this thread it sounds like wiping a group killing Ordos will be 10x more fun and interesting than pulling dinos in the middle of a Oondasta kill.

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    THIS is WoW's secret Cow level! You heard it here first! (Ordos is a sub-tauren race = Cow. Fire Cow to be specific.)

    Ordos a.k.a. THE FIERY COW FROM HELL!!!

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    He'll likely get nerfed but unless they nerf his loot as well then they can't really nerf it to the same degree as Oon. The DoT is the main thing that will cause wipes. People aren't very good at simple things knowing when to get out of a group. LFR Feng P3 comes to mind.

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