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    Everything after Wrath so far has not been that good. Granted MoP has been leaps and bounds above Cata as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully the next expansion will at least be as good as Wrath or TBC.

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    Am I only one who thinks that Wotlk was the best expansion regarding story telling? Also there was one clear bad guy who we had to kill. Cataclysm also had one clear bad guy we had to defeat but cataclysm had problems with the flow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAILoZOFF View Post
    The real question is: can PvP be even worse?
    The sky is the limit, we crossed that limit last expansion with Cata's PvP.

    I find the pvp in MOP to be an improvement over the sorry excuse of an expansion that was Cataclysm, it's nowhere near perfect but its better than the shit we had then.

    Can it get worse than what I saw with Cata? I dread the answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blizzardnonentertainment View Post
    The majority of people who played since tbc or earlier agree that TBC was the golden era of WoW. Do you still think blizzard can make The Dark Below atleast nearly as good as TBC? Since Wotlk the number of subscribers is in steady decline. This is due to many reasons but one of them if not the most important is that the game simply keeps getting worse.

    The sub numbers are already at quite a very low point. Now if TDB will be similarly bad to MOP it might be the downfall of WoW forever.

    So do you think Blizzard will do their best this time and make and awesome expansion to try to raise the subs number as much as possible? Or do they just dont care anymore and are happy with current number of subs ?
    It is highly opinionated that you feel they have never made a decent expansion based upon the title of your thread, whereas many others have opinions that they have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Am I only one who thinks that Wotlk was the best expansion regarding story telling? Also there was one clear bad guy who we had to kill. Cataclysm also had one clear bad guy we had to defeat but cataclysm had problems with the flow.
    I would say Wrath had a better storyline but MOP has better storytelling. Cataclysm had great potential for both but managed neither, ofcourse I am not talking about the redesign of the 1-60 zones here, which by the way I found absolutely fantastic after having leveled in these old zones again on several toons.

    But end-game story AND storytelling in Cata left much to be desired, but was nowhere close to the disaster that was Cata PvP.

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    ive played since launch and would have said TBC was my fave expac but tbh I really enjoy MoP. theyve kept the game evolving with something for everyone and theres plenty of life in it yet. so yes, im optimistic about the next xpac.

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    Low post count thread starter? Check
    Terribly obvious troll subject line? Check
    Never comes back to defend his position? Check
    23 pages of gullible forum members? Check
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    In my opinion the only expansion I didn't find amazing was Cataclysm... I love BC, I love Wrath, I love Mist...

    So Blizz, in my opinion at least, has been doing great expansions.

    My reason for disliking Cata was probably not having a fun guild to play with, and not necessarily do to any lack on Blizzard's part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monteverdi View Post
    Sub numbers will never be what they were and the reason is simple - WoW is old. Most people who want to play WoW already have, and started back when they were in high school/college, since moving on when they get careers/families. This is just the natural progression of things - it is not due to the game getting 'worse' as the game's quality is very much an opinion - many players think the game is better than it has been in a long time, even if those players aren't the ones who are very vocal on forums and such.

    As to the question do we think they're able to finally make a good expansion - I'm confident they'll continue improving. BC was the golden age for me, because that's when myself and most of my friends were in college, with a lot of time on our hands, and thus our guild was a very strong community - by WotLK we all started getting married, having kids, etc. and the community dropped off. That said, the only expansion I just didn't enjoy itself was most of Cataclysm.
    I agree with you completely I started in HS but didnt play much if any, and I then I got to college with all the free time in the world to play 8+ hours a day. Now I am out of college married with kids and have limited time to 8 hours a week. I too felt TBC/ Early Wrath were the golden age for me. I miss them dearly, Cata sucked but was actually alt friendly ( I made 2 more max level characters). MOP has made it so playing an alt is an absolute chore especially if they are a pure DPS class making LFR q's 1+ Hours. Until they put 5mans back into the game with useful loot or make it so Scenario's are going to drop gear per boss fight or something I will not be playing alts.

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    "Finally" making a good expansion?

    The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Mists of Pandaria were good expansions overall, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMOTotal View Post
    Ok "Blizzardnonentertainment" what would make the game better for you because everything aside from dailies in MOP I have really enjoyed. If they can replicate the fun of MOP but have a better alternative to daily quests at launch then I will be happy.
    Agreed, I think events should replace dailies, like 1-2 zone events similar to scenarios where people can take part in that happen every like 5-10 minutes and once you complete it for the day that part of the zone gets taken over for you and anyone who completes it and you would get Valor and what not.
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    All the expansions have had their good moments, and MoP is by far the one that have brought us the most. Ofc they will just keep getting better no doubt.

    MoP is really great, but i think the Lore of Wotlk is the best, the whole feeling with undead and the Lich King was just chilling, thrilling and awesome! Hope we will get a new nasty 'bad guy'. :P

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    In my opinion the first thing that makes people choosing their best Expansion is the Story

    Alot of people love Illidan and demons, i personally loved more Lich King story and the Undead

    for some Karazhan was the best raid, for others was Ulduar

    Mop is a great expansion, the wrong things is to much Dailys (at start) and for many not to much engaging story, at least not to the point of Illidan and Arthas

    Now Ashara? maybe, the return of the Burning Legion? even better

    so in the ends all depends if the story is captivating enough for people to return to the game (or stay)

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    ^^ Story is indeed important, that's why I liked MoP so much.
    It introduced new things instead of going on with the same old bad guys.
    I've played the Warcraft games and after almost two decades I am ready for something new.

    Quote Originally Posted by FAILoZOFF View Post
    The real question is: can PvP be even worse?
    TBC and Classic say yes

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