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    Quote Originally Posted by Crennox View Post
    I don't care how old it is, leave it alone.
    Each to their own I guess. In any case Blizzard is anti-nostalgia it seems so regardless of our views a revamp seems likely imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooper View Post
    I stopped reading at "With Garrosh going from the inexperienced to a ruthless dictator..." because that's really not true. Garrosh was a huge douchebag in Northrend, considering in his conversation with Saurfang in Borean Tundra where he only considers things like supply lines an excuse to destroy the Alliance, and tries to justify the Orc's slaughter of Draenei children with "But surely you do cannot think that those children were born into innocence? They would have grown up and taken arms against us!" - among other things he pulls in Northrend.

    There's no point in trying to fill plotholes that aren't really plotholes.
    and this is why I did not write it for you. You are the reason why you do not understand anything I wrote. You simply denied yourself of reading what I wrote, and basically tl;dr because you are bad. Next time you post in my thread, read my posts, and dont write some bs response saying TL;DR as that is considered spam to me.

    Ty Celista, and while I agree with your assessment on dh hero cass, I doubt they will start in outland, as the Dark Embrace was introduced in cata as a secret demon hunter society within azeroth.

    Protar, While i would be in favour of Outland becoming 90+ with northrend, and changing a few zones, I dont think they will do this with the amount of stuff they want to do, and it wouldnt feel like new lands. The intent was to make it a pet project of blizzards, let them take their time, and not be a true "expansion" but rather, hey 6.x patch or 7.x patch where they implement it. its mainly for leveling and plot hole filling, thats it, with vanity items, and if the hardcore person wants to, more reps.

    crennox, I did take my time, I wanted to make it so that it fits with cata and MoP, but also make it so it is own way. While I do like some Nostalgia, they already stated in previous blizzcon addresses to revamp outland, with this, I want them place it with the storyline, rather than out of place, like how they messed up the timeline with cata, i want a balanced timeline, which they can do with this.

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