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    preparing for 5.4 for gold goblins

    ok so I have all trades at max level professions (flask master on alchemist if wondering) , 6 complete tiller farms, and a bank guild with all vault tabs. Wondering what all trade shuffles I should be doing and what materials yall think i should be planting and stockpiling in my vault? Any other off hand tips for preparing for 5.4 are also very appreciated. Also wondering if yall think it's worth it to just start buying out a TON of materials (gi bars are going for 130-160 a stack, mop herbs from about about 40-60 a stack, and windwol about 40-60) just right now to put back up on the ah come the day of? If so, what particular materials?
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    Did you just buy an account or something? I find it hard to believe that you need to make a thread to ask this when there are so many out there that you can just read. Especially when you have all the things you listed.
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    You want to go for item and raid consumables, these usually inflate heavily with a raid patch as everyone is getting new gear. Crafted gear can be lucrative in the first week or two as well, if you have access to the new materials

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    Gems, Enchant materials. Flask/potion materials. All of these sell REALLY quick when a new raid patch comes out.

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    Am I the only one who aquires all the Potions, FLasks, Enchants and Gems that are expected to be consumed throughout the Expansion at Launch Patch after Prizes settled in, instead of the commonfolk who buy like 1 Enchant on Raid Reset day when they got their Item and when it is overprized on the AH?
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