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    Quote Originally Posted by kenn9530 View Post
    get all your 90s exalted with tillers and spam enigma seeds for selling flowers and golden lotus, with 2-4 farms you can make an easy 1k plus a day for 10 mins work or just stock them up and sell in a bigger bulk.
    How many golden lotuses do you get per char on average? If you consistently get 2-4 golden lotuses per char then it'll be worth to farm lotuses. If it's inconcistent 2 golden lotuses per day, then it's more profitable to farm spirits.

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    with a full farm the average is a bit less than 5 golden lotus per char
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    Run enchanting. Whenever you replace an item, DE it and sell the blood\haunting\<new 5.4> spirit ... starts out at 6-8k, and stabilizes at about 1.5-2k near the end of a patch.

    Easy peezy.

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    Run low level dungeons. Sell the greens and boe blues for profit. Make sure to check prices before selling. Some of the items are worth 1-2k+.

    If you got a smith/leatherworker you can craft some transmogg items too and try to turn them into money. Making old classic items is sth I can suggest.

    Other than making is really easy. Make yourself a bank toon. Sent all the stuff to him that is boe. Anything that could be put into the AH.

    Just put the stuff into the AH. You will get the hang of it pretty quickly. It is no problem to have like 100-200 auctions running that way. Some of that will sell.

    Hell I even sell matching white items for 50gold. No clue who buys this but it gets sold.
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    Of course every economy is different, but I find it hard to believe the shuffle isn't profitable -- unless the ore prices are really high -- or there is zero market.

    On my realm, ore is about 45g a stack for Ghost Iron Ore (way less if it's Kyparite) and I could still make a profit even if I vendored all my blue gems and only did enchanting.

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    Just farm ghost iron ore, turn it into bars, then sell the bars. They fly off the shelfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    When I am looking at auction house and trying to look for stuff that has lower total cost for all its reagents than the cost of the end item, I cannot find such items. All items in AH have same price as their reagents in total.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    I have played wow for years now, and always had this same issue: running out of gold

    People say that its easy to get money in wow, but yet I cant find out how exactly it happens. I know about auction house flipping, but I have no clue about it. Last time I read about tips about what should be bought and sold, I tried to buy lots of ghost iron ore and broke them with jc into various gems. There were no profit, only lost gold.

    I have no idea about where to start studying, what I need to buy or farm?

    buy stuff cheap on AH and dont break em with JC just put the price higher
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    Quote Originally Posted by monoroth View Post
    Isle of giants you could farm for Direhorn ( even tho it's getting nerfed next patch) or other zandalari pets and sell them on AH. 1 on 1 you can solo almsot every dino as any dps class. As you farm for pets you'll get Bones which you can turn for Spirit or Mote of Harmony ( 9 bones = 1 Mote 99bones = 1 SPirit of Harmony).
    You might wanna redo the math

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sageofthe10paths View Post
    Just farm ghost iron ore, turn it into bars, then sell the bars. They fly off the shelfs.
    With how good BS and Engineering are in this expansion this is definitely true especially on high-pop servers.

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