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    1) ICC
    2) Kara, lol priest win bubble spam.
    3) Ulduar
    4) ToC. I actually liked the chaos of champions
    5) ... Hmm... I don't dislike ToT is guess.
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    Started during WotLK so...

    1) Icecrown Citadel (it was on par with ulduar for me, but the Lich King fight I felt was just so fantastic)
    2) Ulduar
    3) Blackwing Descent
    4) Throne of Thunder
    5) Firelands

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    As current content:

    1) Ulduar
    2) Firelands
    3) Karazhan
    4) Throne of Thunder
    5) Mount Hyjal

    (I didn't enjoy going back to farm Firelands for the Raggy Heroic mount during 4.3!)
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    1. ZA
    2. BWL
    3. ToT
    4. Ulduar
    5. BT

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    Black Temple

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    For content I did when it was current (note: I did not run Ulduar when it was current):

    5/ Karazhan. Might just be pure nostalgia, but the whole raid feels awesome. Very atmospheric, great music. Lots of junky boss fights, but it was the first tier in TBC so I can forgive it.

    4/ Blackwing Descent. If it wasn't for the sheer number of failed lava jumps that my guild made, I might rate this higher. Consistantly good boss fights, not too much trash, wiped more on the elevator then I can remember.

    3/ Firelands. Ragnaros alone did it for me, so many weeks spent working on him and it was glorious when we finally got that kill. Some of the other bosses were rather hit or miss, and there was too much trash, but overall an enjoyable raid.

    2/ Icecrown Citadel. Might have scored higher if it wasn't for the annoying monologue from Lady Deathwhisper and every single thing Sindragosa said.

    1/ Throne of Thunder. Seriously, great raid dungeon. There's no real 'junk' boss fight (though Dark Animus gets close sometimes...), the final boss is a beast, heroic modes are challenging but doable if you don't screw up (but you will be punished for every single mistake, even on Jin'rokh!), the asthetics are brilliant and the lore lead up is quite possibly the most complete since Icecrown Citadel. Only downsides I can see are the sheer amount of trash (and the fact some of it is harder then the boss they guard!), the linear path you have to take, and some of the bosses have a rather long corpse run (though it could be much worse - they could not portal you most of the way, I don't think my guild would have survived if we had to run the entire instance each time to Lei Shen!).

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    1. Naxxramas (If you take a deeper work into it, it's a pretty fucking creepy place with the soundfiles bosses made out of failed test subject *cough* Thaddious And I love that shit)
    2. Icecrown Citadel, (It was a pretty great raid with fun mechanics, It missed this little extra that caused these chilled spines on me. Professor and his subject was not creepy enough for me I guess. And I liked how casuals could come and join and do about 9 bosses (during the latest stages of the game and had Sindragosa as a wall against pugs, See Lfr was not necessary. )
    3. Ulduar (It was just gigantic with great wonderful art and hard mechanics but also had opportunities for pugs to clear around 3-4 bosses which was fine for them, Why 3? Because I love this horror stuff so thats why naxxramas/icc comes before. But yogg'saron was great for the spines.)
    4. Karazhan, (It was a also a gigantic raid for all the small 10 man groups out there. It had a perfect environment with perfect chills and it was a pretty great start for casuals to do+ it was also medivhs old home.)
    5 AQ40, (it was nice, 170NR+ gear, it was GIGANTIC, maybe alittle to gigantic when you had to run to C'thun after a wipe(If you didnt have soulstone or Divine intervention up). And yea they had C'thun and he was fucking creepy which I love.)

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    Didn't play in BC:

    1. Ulduar: So much win. There was literally nothing I disliked about that place.

    2. ToT: Home to my favorite boss of all time and a 100% solid raid. While there was only one STANDOUT boss to me, there were no lame fights that I hated (outside of Ra-den but that is only because of the way we kill him)

    3. ICC: Great all around instance similar to ToT but it had a waste of time in lootship. The lore alone of killing the Lich King made it an alltime favorite.


    4. Firelands: This probably would have been in that first group if it was longer. A 7 boss tier was extremely lame and a huge letdown. Rag was amazing, the boss models were amazing and the environment was amazing. If they had only put a 3 boss wing at the start of it.

    5a. MSV: I really enjoyed this place and it is a shame that it was outgeared in like a month of being released.

    5b. MC: First raid and I will never forget the feeling of the first time I watching Rag die. Great times.

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    1. Karazhan
    2. ICC
    3. SSC
    4. Naxxramas
    5. BOT
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    The Eye of Eternity
    Gruul's Lair
    Serpentshrine Cavern

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    1. Karazhan: best atmosphere. Best overal funnes in bossfights (the theater for example).
    2. Black Wing Descent: nice bossabilities and general funnes
    4. Bastion of Twilight: same as BWD
    3. Firelands: very big (Molten Core II basically but a lot better)
    5. Ulduar: very nice for its time, nice boss abilities and the ability to choose to go "heroic" or not by doing stuff to the boss itself

    Strange actually that I didn't really like Cataclysm, I did really like the heroic raids there. Also strange that people pick 1 or 2 bosses instances. Like that is more fun then a full instance full of stuff to do? I'm guessing they found 1 boss very appealing. And this thread isn't about favourite bosses, but overal funness in the instance.

    If this would be about bosses:

    1. Ragnaros Molten Core (first real epic raidboss experience really)
    2. The Lich King
    3. Illidan
    4. Kael'thas
    5. Vashj

    I did not choose on the basis of how easy or how hard it was. The content was hard at the time it was current. I did choose them on basis on how I felt about those. How happy I was when I did down them.
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    1. Ulduar
    2. ICC
    3. BT
    4. Karazhan
    5. Throne of Thunder

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    1. Ulduar
    2. Karazhan
    3. Tempest Keep (fights were amazing, I actually enjoyed having to CC trash)
    4. ToT
    5. ICC (I didn't raid in that period, but I still managed to get a LK kill before Cata. Seriously, the feeling when you finally kill that fucker)
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    1. BWL
    2. Karazhan
    3. Black Temple
    4. ICC
    5. Molten Core

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    1. Ulduar
    and in no particular order, 2-5:
    -Bastion of Twilight
    -Throne of the Four Winds
    -Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
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    Icecrown Citadel
    Molten Core
    Onyxia's Lair

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    1. BWL
    2. Karazhan
    3. BT
    4. ToT
    5. MC (My first raid yo)

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