Thread: Fix my heals!

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    Fix my heals!

    This druid is coming back to the class after not playing since 5.0. She had a raid with us tonight and she will be with us for a good long while. Can you give her some pointers on how best to improve?


    She's constantly high on mana so I suspect she's under utilizing some of the bigger direct heals.

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    Tell her too use Wild Growth on CD, Swiftmend on CD, keep Lifebloom on tank, and spam rejuv. A very bastardized and minimal playstyle of Resto, but will work for someone in a guild doing normals.

    She will eventually pick up on the other stuff.

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    Some good resources for learning Resto are as well as my own blog

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    There are severals things you i would like to mention, first of all i can see she has picked incarnation but havent seen her pop it on any of the fights on logs ive looked at which is just waste of a talent and on fights like tortos can really affect her overall healing since it can be used as an healing cd on stomp, she needs to get used to popping tree or else she might just consider going for treants that are an smart heal which does not need a huge understanding of the boss to be used somewhat effectively. another thing worth mentioning is that

    your healing setup discpriest, holy pala, and resto druid really makes it hard for a resto druid to get much healing through since a big deal of our hots will be overhealing due to massive amounts of shield and our heals arent as quickly applied as a paladin or priests.

    depending on how much optimizing you want her proffesions arent excatly raid proffesions and are a bit worthless but that really is up to the person herself, if she wants to change that or not, its not a huge factor.

    statwise she is really undergeared and really lacks a lot of mastery and spellpower, which makes her heals weaker.
    you said that she usually ends the fight with mana, so it might be worth it to try and focus less on spirit i personally only have around 10k spirit which i find is enough with shado pan assault trinket and innervate. so she might consider gemming and reforging for more mastery.

    oh yeah and one last thing i can see that she has used nourish on some of the bosses, it isnt even worth having on the bars. I have found that the only thing nourish is usable for is to apply harmony precombat.
    Hope it works out
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    Priest and pala is hard for a druid to heal. I know that because I heal with the same healers. But the priest in my team dps most of the time so there is more to heal. And so far I know is most fights in ToT 2 man heal fights. So there is not so mutch dmg to heal and no dmg no hps.

    What I can see whats wrong in the logs is the uptime form Lifebloom. This is only 0.4% overall and most fight she don't use lifebloom at all (or I look over it ). So just put Lifebloom on the active tank and don't drop it. Is will give free heal proc and heal the tank at all time. Harmony uptime is not bad but can better. The rest is aready posted by others.

    Sorry for me bad English and hope my post will help

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    cant believe i missed that on the logs basically what Navo says is the biggest flaw in what your druid is doing she has got no uptime on lifebloom and therefore no clearcasting procs at all

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    Get the druid to have some sort of Hot Tracker addon, or weak aura that shows when lifebloom is not active on her focus/tank etc. So it reminds to maintain lifebloom. Could be useful since is not used to maintaining it?
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    Okay I am gonna be the elitist prick I am and point out every single flaw I see. All of this is from an aggressive 13/13 H resto druids perspective.
    My Armory -
    From looking at the logs I can tell many things.
    1. She is not using regrowth or healing touch or swiftmend as much as she should be because if she did she would have near perfect/perfect Harmony uptime.
    Ex. Horridon she had 86.8% Harmony uptime which is never good. She should be pushing for 90% and higher uptimes on every fight by using swiftmend off CD.
    2. She only did 32k HPS on Council. Hps is never a test of a good healer but it does play a role in finding out if a person can pull their weight or not. On a fight like council with all the raid-wide damage going out she should be the top healer in the group or the second best healer in the group. She had 93% harmony uptime on that fight which is good but she can always push for higher uptimes. Her lifebloom uptime was T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E. on this fight. She needs to keep harmony up as well as lifebloom during the entire encounter. I understand there are situations where you cannot keep it up on the tank but thats why you pick up glyph of Lifebloom and throw Lifebloom on a target you can reach until your assigned tank is in your range again ( Which should rarely happen. )
    3. She is only using Nature's Vigil sometimes. If you pick up that talent you must use it every single time it is up to get the full use out of it. She is not using it every time it is up so I would recommend picking up Heart of the wild so she gets the passive 6% int bonus and gets some better healing output. ( Honestly even if she used NV every time it was up it would not be close to the HOTW passive int bonus )
    4. No clearcastings at all. She had terrible Lifebloom uptime so the result of that is NO CLEARCASTINGS AT ALL. You should only be using regrowth with clearcasting ( I would recommend making a weak aura to show this. the blizzard one is not really good imo ). Clearcasting is vital to your single-target healing, without it you cannot use regrowth as often as you want and you will waste too much mana hardcasting it.
    Okay well I went off on a rant so I should probably just summarize everything else briefly.

    Gemming. Use these gems for a high-power big healing build. You will be low on spirit at around 11-12k but you should be fine if you use innervate often.
    Prismatic - Fractured Sun's Radiance +320 mastery
    yellow - Fractured Sun's Radiance +320 mastery
    red - Artful Vermillion Onyx +80 int +160 mastery
    blue - Zen Wild Jade +160 spirit +160 mastery

    To end this thread. REMEMBER.
    Keep 3 stacks of Lifebloom on your assigned tank.
    Use Wild Mushrooms at stack points and use rejuvenation to build up the bonus healing mechanic on the mushrooms.
    If you keep lifebloom on properly you should have clearcasting procs. Use regrowth only with these.
    You are specced for Nature's Swiftness and should use Regrowth/Healing touch with it. ( I prefer Healing touch )
    Use Wild growth off cooldown
    Use Swiftmend off cooldown
    When you use Incarnation throw at least 1 stack of lifebloom on as many people as you want in the raid and rejuvenation as much as possible with instant regrowths used on the insane clearcasting procs.
    Use Rejuvenation as much as possible to heal people up.

    Sorry for all the grammatical errors and spelling errors in this reply but I am limited to time at the moment. I hope I helped and good luck young resto druid!
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    a lot comments have been made out of the logs, I just wantet to add to the gearing process:

    At first, I would recommend going for the 3043 haste breakpoint, almost all haste above that is wasted.
    I'm also wondering, why she is somewhat reforging out of spirit, when she is gemming fully for it. Haste does nothing much for us out of the breakpoints, so there she can get up to 2k mastery and/or spirit.

    Hint to the side, gem your chest right A this point I think it's better to enchant mastery on hands.

    Hope, this is tourning out right for you.

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