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    An amusing coincidence, or conspiracy theory?

    Something I noticed, just coincidence probably but I do love it if it is a coincidence.

    These particular tracks from MOP and Cataclysm sound disturbingly similar: you be the judge.

    Rift Of Aln

    Druids Of The Flame:

    Mok Rah

    When I listen to both back to back it almost sounds like the same theme.

    Keeping in mind the Rift of Aln is attributed to N'zoth, not Y'shaarj and the Emerald dream, but even so, it was a happy coincidence, IF it is a coincidence.

    Either way, one thing that it does make me wonder is this the distinctive old god theme tune, just as we have an alliance and horde one?

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    3 songs that supposedly sound similar.

    Half life 3 confirmed.

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