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    Recently monks picked my interest, I really like the excellent mobility and fast-paced gameplay that especially windwalkers have. I have been trying to find a suitable alt for the past 5 years.
    Only problem i find is their squishyness in battlegrounds (not talking about rated). Usually if i see a monk in battlegrounds (90) he pretty much drops dead if he hasn't touch of karma on or gets to escape with flying tiger kick+roll. I know as a hunter I shouldn't have problems against WW monks but without touch of karma they feel like rogues without defensives. My monk is level 80 at the moment, and i feel that if I get targeted by only one person i need to pop fortifying brew and hope that i have enough energy to spam healing spheres which will give maybe 5-10 seconds more time to run away.
    Have i encountered only bad/mediocre monks or are WW monks not really suited to solo battleground play?
    MW monks seem pretty slippery in battlegrounds but i dislike the need to use the healing beam because it makes it difficult to heal without being noticed, which i think is pretty important in non-rated BG's.

    Maybe i should add a tldr; Are WW monks really squishy when going solo BG, or have i just not encountered good monks/have no idea how to survive when targeted?

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    Piqued your interest. Picked your interest is not a thing.

    Survivability is both skill and tactic based. E.g. If a warrior pops reck/avatar, just root and "deadzone" him (stay inside charge range). Bad players will just keep going toe to toe hoping they can mash harder. Hunters went big and red? CC his pet and line him. Survivability is not just about cool downs.

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    Monks without ToK are pretty much dead without good peels and counter play from teammates. Roll and FSK can be negated easily with roots and death grip. The damage is great but your teammates at times need to overcompensate in organized settings.

    In open things like random battlegrounds you can do well as long as you don't ever extend. You'll be especially good at hit and run as well as healer and node harassment. A lucky crit or two and you can kill someone in a leg sweep or FoF.

    Monks are just, they're alright. Nothing worth leveling one up to have but if you do have one, then it isn't too bad.

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    There is of course some nice off-heals that you gotta utilize as survival, and besides karma there's Fortifying brew that pops your Healing Elixirs. My hint would be to set up three healing spheres together with your transcendence beforehand if possible. Might not be in a BG environment but hey ho. Mayhaps you can set up a powerauras to display when you have healing elixirs up and use your tiger eye if you need to, knowing you're gonna have the heal.

    The survivability lies in being able to turtle/kite imo, serpent kick away, transcendence away and spamheal yourself full, then come back. With this technique I've managed to 1v2 arenas many times even though I'm not very skilled on my monk yet.

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