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    Warcraft and Workouts.

    Hey guys!

    Long time reader, first time poster! I've been into fitness for the past 7 years on and off and have always been in relatively good shape. The reason I've been so on and off with my fitness is because I've also played WoW for about the same amount of time. Now that I'm at a point in my life where I think I've found a good balance, I have decided to start writing about it. I've always enjoyed writing and now I am able to write about two of my passions in life. Before anyone begins flaming me (unfortunately I know parts of this community can be a bit harsh at times) I wont respond to any unwarranted flaming. However, constructive criticism is very welcome

    So if you guys feel like it, then head on over to my blog at gymcraft.blogspot.com

    I will be attempting to keep the content diverse and varied, and will try not to lean too much towards one subject. And once again, any constructive criticism, or praise (yeah.... right.) is more than welcome

    Thanks guys!

    Edit: I was also unsure whether or not it is acceptable to post links, but couldn't find anything on it. So i went ahead and posted it anyway. If a mod sees this post and this is a problem then feel free to delete the link. I'll take my post elsewhere Just figured that this was a good place to put the word out
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    Uhhhh sorry but advertising isn't allowed.

    Although I'm not sure what world of warcraft has to do with working out..."balance" is a hard term to use since so many people play WoW in a different way from each other that priorities/times will always be different.

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    Ahh, my bad, I didnt know that. Well ill let a mod close this then. But I know it has nothing to do with working out, but the point is, this forum has a sports and fitness section, meaning that somewhere along the line a gamer has actually been interested in fitness. Plus I know tons of gamers who want to get into fitness and health but are overwhelmed by the amount of information and the marketing that gets thrown at us every day. So I thought I'd try appeal to those kind of people and help break it down for them. But I understand the confusion.

    Thanks for the reply anyway.

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    Hmm I see no point in closing this as this is not adverstising for the sake of money, it's a blog where the guy keeps updating his workouts and how they work out with wow. I suppose many can benefit it for the sake of their own health. Thanks

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    Thanks Barendon!!! I appreciate the reply. It's true, my blog is not monetized, and I have no plans of doing so, the reason I started it is because I'd love for someone else to be able to learn from my experiences. Either way, thanks for the reply.

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