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    Wow model viewer - Need help !!

    Im sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasnt sure if i should put it here or in off-topic. But since the signature thread is here i'll just go with it!

    Basically i just need to know how to fix the transparent item problem in wmv, basically, when i save the screenshot of the character some parts of the armor is transparent, making it very frustrating to work with.

    I'll put in a picture incase i didnt describe clearly enough.

    Please help!

    - Mythriz
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    May be related to the background color you're using. Try setting a background color which is used as little as possible on the models, like a saturated pink or green.

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    I expect when it makes an image transparent, it takes the background colour, then turns every pixel with that colour setting, and soes the same every pixel with a similar colour setting (to within a certain tolerance to help with anti aliasing). As the above poster suggests, try changing the background colour to something that you are sure does not appear on the model at all.

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    Thanks so much for the reply guys!
    I guess i'll be using a lot of pink in the near future. :-)
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    Yeah, a color that won't take much away. When it's just Photoshop and a light transparency issue I sometimes just duplicate a few copies on top then merge them and that seems to help.

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