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    I started playing in mid BC, joined a fairly incompetent guild that was clearing Karazhan but could barely get any kills in 25-man raids and then I quit after we cleared Naxx 2.0/Sartharion/Malygos because the people in the guild was getting really annoying with their incompetence. I gave all my gold to one of the girls in the guild since she was possibly the nicest person I ever met, deleted all my characters an swore to never play this crap again. Then I returned just in time to level up to 80 to be ready for Cataclysm launch.

    A full restart after a decent break in order to set up for the next expansion can become cathartic if you are really tired of the game.

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    I xferred my mains to a new server along with my heirlooms, and gold. I decided to reroll on my first server so I could still play with my friends there. The novelty of having to start completely over without any assistance didn't last long. I got bored around 20 lol.

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    I've never done it to the extent that I would delete everything I have but I did start fresh on a new server a couple of times and starting from scratch. It was back in T1 Cataclysm so I can't remember much of it but I thought it was OK. I worked myself up and joined a great guild and did some raid progression before returning to my main server. I did it as a learning experience and just found that I would rather have the benefit of heirlooms, gold etc so I probably won't do it again.

    I am currently unsubbed though so maybe when I return next expansion I will start fresh again but that remains undecided.

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    I did several times. Each time I tried to level slowly, enjoying game.

    TBC: after taking break rerolled on PvP realm. Half a year later returned to my old main.
    WoTLK: same story, different realm. That time I stayed on new realm and moved some characters there.
    MoP: tried it again, couldn't level past 30 because of how stupidly easy and pointless leveling has become.
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    I did three times. Oh well, at least twice and half.

    I'm a french playing on US (don't ask me why) so I created a character and got to 85 (back in Cataclysm) and played til mid 5.3.

    Before that I rolled a druid around WotLK ally side (all my toons are horde) and I still play that druid (I've been playing it more than my main).

    And now I'm rolling a monk on a different server with no BoA stuff but I'm selling some pets that I got on my druid and pally. I already made 5k (this is why I said twice and half).

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    If you start fresh on a realm you know somebody, you can do what I did . I ran the low level dungeons once or twice but spent the rest time leveling through quests , then around when I hit 60 I borrowed 5k gold for 280 flying speed , gave those back easily at 90 from quest rewards.

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    I have my 11 or so mains (one of each class, however many that is) and then about 8 character slots that rarely have the same character in them for more than a month. For example, I've leveled probably 20 shamans to 85, and about 10 so far to 90, then delete them. I find a class/spec I like, and then just spam dungeons or something until I get tired of them. I'll even turn off EXP at certain points and twink them out for dungeons before eventually continuing on to cap or deleting them. I'm working on a bear druid and a pally tank at the moment.

    As for moving servers, I really haven't found a reason to do so. If I was going to make any serious characters, ones I planned on actually keeping, I see no reason to abandon the empire I've built on my current server - I have 5 full guild banks full of random crap to feed my characters, and a sizable chunk of gold.

    I HAVE dabbled with going to the Horde side of things. I was leveling a Tauren hunter, and, via a bank toon I also rolled, would post literally everything that wasn't straight junk on the AH. By the time my hunter hit 75, my horde bank had over 50,000g. All from selling greens, blues, cloth, leather, whatever would sell. I eventually lotto'd it all away and deleted the characters, but it proved to me that I'd have no issues making money on a new server, as I didn't use anything from my alliance characters to get this one started.
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    Done that a couple of times, its fun actually.
    Everything is awesome -sings-

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    I really appreciate the advice and especially the fine gentleman posting the tips about Darkmoon Faire! I've rolled a Human Warrior on Stormrage, having never played a new Alliance toon. I'm sort of looking forward to it as I tend to only pay detailed attention to new things. Re-rolling Horde toons, even post-Cataclysm was so repetitive.

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    I just started on a new server last week. I've been playing casually since I've been working a lot, just leveling up through tanking LFD. I'm level 65. LFD gives very good gold to start with. A very good way of making gold early on is by signing guild charters for money.
    OR... OR... You could get Herb+Mining and do some solid gold by selling low level stuff. I've done that on a few chars in servers other than the one I play my mains and by level 10 I had 200/300g.

    Just a tip
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    Lots of people who've been permabanned have had a "fresh start." More than one, even.

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