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    - for the adrenaline rush of killing a difficult boss
    - for having fun showing off on farm
    - for the camaraderie
    - for the personal challenge of learning execution (note: I spend A LOT of time on brutal arcade style games)
    - for pushing my abilities on my class
    - to feel progressively stronger over an expansion cycle

    If you only focus on the final point, then of course you're going to be discouraged by patch/expansion cycles.

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    And what is the point of PvP'ing?

    Besides, World of Warcraft is a RPG.

    PvP is a feature. Not a staple.

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    It's like saying what's the point of even buying the game... What's the point in levelling, what's the point in any of it. Because we find it fun...

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    The day my past guild downed the Lich King was an awesome moment for us. It's simply to play the game and get some thrills outta killing the big bad boss.

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    To impress the ladies.
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    When a homeless person is rambling in the streets, it's better to ignore them than argue with them. On the internets it's clearly better to spend an entire week proving them wrong.

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    Not everyone raids just for loot, I raided back in TBC for the goal of killing bosses that were huge lore figures, the story kept me going, not to mention the feeling of raiding with a bunch of guildies/friends coming together as a team, getting past hurdles on bosses with dedication and team work, that feeling when after weeks of wiping on a new boss, finally nailing him, moving onto the next tier and being in awe of the new raid environment.

    Loot was just a bonus to get you to that next hurdle.

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    What's the point of leveling, they are just gonna raise the level cap next expansion.

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    Raiding is fun.

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    I'm living in China but registered to EU servers. I wasn't ever ready to raid until now and I can't, haha! The reasons I personally see for raiding are to push yourself. To push your item level, to push your skill level and to achieve what few folks in WoW have done. Here's hoping I can find some runs on open raid soon!

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    Fun. Duh.

    What would you prefer?

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    What's the point of leveling, they are just gonna raise the level cap next expansion.

    What's the point of breathing in oxygen, I'm just going to convert it to carbon dioxide.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I dont feel like such an alcoholic if Im getting drunk on a wednesday in vent as I would if I wasnt. Thats why I raid.

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