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    quickest way to 90

    So I rolled a warrior and have been enjoying it. I kind of realized that I leveled pretty quick from 1-30 just by doing quests. I was wondering if it'd be a lot quicker just to stick to questing all the way to 90 instead of dungeons and battlegrounds?

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    Quickest route to 90 is:
    Level 1, then level 2, then level 3....... then level 89 and finally level 90..
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    Pretty much the best way is purely questing.
    Throwing some instances in the mix is a nice change of pace for some EXP or small upgrades to gear to make questing faster.
    Later about 80 you could toss in some pet battles they give 100k-ish XP a win and if you can win them fast the XP does pile up quick.

    I did battles just to collect pets for fun and gained 86-87 surprisingly quick.
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    If leveling as DPS, I find it's good to at least do each dungeon once to do their respective quests, because those usually give a big chunk of XP, plus a handful of spec-appropriate blues for leveling, plus the XP from the dungeon mobs/bosses.

    Just queue for the dungeons while you are questing through the appropriate zones. I find this help breaks up the monotony of purely grinding dungeons vs purely grinding quests.

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    Well, I think the thing that slowed me down was the drudgery of questing for too long especially when you are rushing to level... that probably slows many people down... quest until you get bored then dungeons... rinse and repeat.
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    do quest's and do instance's once for their quest's and you'll be 90 soon enough

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    Dungeon quests give a lot of exp. In my experience doing every dungeon once, at the level they give you quests, and for the rest purely questing is the fastest way.
    There are some things that give some quick extra exp such as the Amphitheater of Anguish which you could do. In Pandaria getting a friend to fly you around for the treasures will give you a massive amount of exp too.

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    it all depends on your playstyle and what you enjoy doing.

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    Goodness. What ever happened to the journey? LFD killed the levelling experience, which is a shame because Blizz had done some pretty cool stuff with quests in more-recent content.

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    Always so quick to "grow up," no one enjoys the journey anymore.

    Honestly I took quite a while to get to end level on my first and though I was glad to get there to be honest it was kinda bittersweet that that part was over.

    I suppose quickest is just taking advantage of as much xp as possible. People who prefer not to quest make me wonder...why miss out on that when it wants you to kill the same stuff anyhow.
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