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    I'm stocked...

    ... and ready. I've been playing since the start, and the one thing that bugged me the most about this game was the AH. Sometimes I get U/C 10 seconds after I post, and by half its amount for no reason. I never really got "mad" or anything at it... it just....bugged me. So a few months ago I stopped posting. I made 5 guild banks, 6 slots each, and started saving. Everything. Well, everything with a niche market, a steady market, anything that people would farm to make gold.
    But now im full. I have... a lot. Epic nerd quantities. I want some advice before I start my plan of attack. Ill be undercutting EVERYTHING, but I dont know where to start exactly. If I U/C right above vendor, resellers will pick it all up. Granted because of my inventory ill be at this for a few weeks, so they'll have to sit on the stuff they snipe for a while. If I highball even a bit, ill be U/C, just like normal. Who here has crashed markets? Any tips or tricks? Should I trickle stock at 40% U/C? I have pretty much all markets covered besides like, pets and mounts, but even then I have some of those >.> Do resellers just keep buying, no matter how much you put up? Any advice would be great!
    Everyone collects something in WoW. Justice points, Valor points, xmog gear... I want to collect hate whispers. Help me get started!

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    One way is to buy out every single item and relisting it that will make you a very big profit.
    Stocking up does pretty much nothing to the currently listed/future items.
    You'll want to be in full control of a few items, making sure to buy anything that is under your selling price and relisting it.

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    I dont plan on making gold here. There wont be anything under my price, and if it is, you'll be able to vendor it for more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somewowguy View Post
    I dont plan on making gold here. There wont be anything under my price, and if it is, you'll be able to vendor it for more.
    Well, if your goal is to not earn heaps of gold but instead want some hate whispers - you'll probably never get any, or maybe from some random person that knows nothing about the AH. Anyone who is familiar with the AH and is a relister will bless you.
    I know several people that have several characters (5+) at the gold cap, together with a guild bank with millions, they'll auto buy it and relist it , making immense profits whilst leaving you without anything but a mediocre gold stash.

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    If you wanna bug people, just undercut 30-50% and post in large quantities. Posting just above or under vendor prices is not crashing a market. In that scenario a buyout can (if you want) even be sold to a vendor with minor loss of gold. People scan the AH all day, and if you sell for next to nothing, you will just give people free stock.

    Ideally, you want to sell stuff to people who actually need the items, taking away money from the AH kingpins. A smart AH player however will go in a undercut war with you and tries to get all your stock for a low price in the AH, just to buy you out and make even a bigger profit.

    You can not annoy people with fast selling items, demand is obviously high enough and you stock will disappear fast into everyones bags. Slow selling items however (bags, pets, mounts, glyphs, Enchants, gems etc), this is where people get annoyed. Also, don't use raw items. Again, you wouldn't be crashing a market, someone would simply profit from you.

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    post items starting from right above minimum price and going up by 10% at time. masspost like that and people won't buy because they'll lose money buying all the stocks

    - gem1 sells at 150g average with "minimum price" (not worth post because of loss) of 50g
    - post 5 gems at 50g, 5x55g, 5x60g and so on until ~100g

    if you post all gems for 50g he'll gladly buy them all, but no one will ever risk buying that amount of gems for such a low profit
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    Give it all to me. I'll give you 50% of the profits for my work, and then you'll likely have enough gold to actually reset the markets rather than just feeding people cheap mats for huge profits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somewowguy View Post
    I dont plan on making gold here.
    Ahh, that would make sense, because nothing in your original post, including the fact you went in debt by at least 47,000 gold to buy gbank tabs, indicated how you plan to make money.

    I'm successful at the AH because I understand that people cannot tank markets. Supply and demand does. Fortunately, this game doesn't attract the level of intellect that understands economics.

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    I think the problem is that a few people do understand economics, mostly stuff like Monopolizing or oligopolizing, prize manipulations and other stuff outlawed IRL, make millions with that and the majority of other players "that this game attracts" have to grind boring stuff like dailies for much longer than is fun, thus more people quit the Game and make WoW less lively.

    OT: you can do Extra Bankspace trick of mailing excess Items across oyur characters but it is somewhat clunky as many Items may become inaccessible until you take the previous mails and also don't forget to mail again every 59 Days
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